But You Don't Know Me

tra la la.

this is a personal blog and i am happy to have the readership that i do. everything i write here is the truth and it comes from an honest place.

the things i enjoy writing here are mostly funny, silly, quirky bits about my life. they are personal. they are real. oh, and my voice? this one here? that's real, too.

so if you think, just from reading this blog, that you know me...you are right. you probably do.

a little.

but i have not, in any way, painted a complete picture of me and my life here. and i will never attempt to. frankly, neither of us has the patience for that. there is just too much to tell and, dear invisible internet friends, this is not my autobiography.

i DO carefully pick and choose what i write about here, and not because of my commenters (though that HAS become more prickly of late). i pick and choose because, well, that's what writers do.

so i feel disappointed when people are so judgmental of me, based solely on the limited information i provide.

and i likewise feel disappointed that some of you seem to feel like i'm "hiding" stuff from you. i'm not. i'm just omitting things i don't feel like sharing -- and those things are many and varied. depending on my readers, i'm sure some of those things would be considered sordid and scandalous, others just sad and boring. some would seem scintillating, some utterly shocking, some completely unrelateable.

so i'll just keep on doing what i do, writing what i write, and hope you'll play along.



  1. Kristy,

    Good for you! No one should expect more from you than you are willing to share.

    It's the same on my blog - - I write what I want, because it is my blog! I will share the parts of my life that I want, and the rest is - - well - - personal. And I wish to keep it that way.

    Keep on writing, Kristy. I absolutely love your blog. You are funny, entertaining, and never fail to make me smile.

    SO - - as you said - - "ONWARD". I'm looking forward to your future posts!

  2. Yay! I like what you wrote. Makes me think of that Tori Amos song "Tear in your hand". Maybe you are just pieces of me I've never seen. ;)

  3. I’m glad to play along…so long as I get to play the triangle.

  4. I love your blog exactly the way it is! Don't allow other people to edit your thoughts. This blog is for you, not for us. We're just here for the ride! Take care.

  5. Absolutely, K. No one can be expected to share everything - it's that one little piece of you that no one (or very few) see that makes you *you*. Plus, that's the beauty of blogging - or any writing, for that matter - you can be whomever (or whichever part of yourself) you like.

    Thanks for having us along on the ride, K! I'm in for the long haul.

  6. I don't know why some readers think they are entitled to dis your blog, as if they have some sort of ownership in it. They give you crap about your posts, not posting the right things, and not posting often enough. WTF? Perhaps because of the fact that you address your readers directly makes them feel as if they have license to become "prickly"??? Your IIFs have become real to you (as indicated in various posts) and they don't want to be ignored. Of course, this is just random thinking late in the evening and I can't and won't be held accountable for anything I am saying. ;)

    Personally, I like your blog, regardless of how often you post. Your posts are witty and lighthearted and if you really did put your entire being/life up here for us to read, I would worry and probably wouldn't read it. You'd come across as a little 'off.' I'd wonder if you really did have a life you were living outside of this box.

    So, in closing.. do your thing... add some light and quirkiness to the day and leave it at that. Don't let the schmucks with a false sense of entitlement get you down. It's YOUR blog.

    And all those who feel entitled... it's my humble opinion that you need to find something else to spread your angst and irritability upon. Go outside. Meet other people. In person. Get a cat. Do something besides give some anonymous person greif just because you don't have something new to read everyday.

    Kay... i'm off my soapbox now. cheers!


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