Monday, February 27, 2006

Man With Cat: A Portrait

when i started looking through pictures i'd taken with my non-viewfinder-having camera, i discovered this shot, taken (obviously*) at christmastime.

my cats LOVE men. and men who like cats? my cats love those men EVEN MORE.

they will all but ignore me completely if they have a viable man-lap. not that i blame them, exactly, but come ON.

i am pretty sure he's** thinking, "mommy? who's mommy? i don't know what you're talking about. Ish, keep rubbing. ignore that woman with the camera. she is crazy."

*because yes, that is a fake, lighted christmas tree in the background.

**i actually tried this picture with a thought bubble over my cat's head, but then decided that to do so might set me down a very un-good path. a path, for example, wherein i might take pictures of my cats, determine what they're thinking, illustrate a thought bubble, write my cat's thoughts in the bubble, and then post the whole thing on my blog. yeah, not good. i would prefer not to remain single for the rest of my life, thanks.


  1. Cats are sneaky!...and very patient, theyll wait forever to get even! ;-)

  2. Hey, if Crazy Aunt Purl can post what her cats are thinking, why not you?

    Am I a crazy cat lady if those are the kinds of posts that make milk shoot out my nose?

    I'm doomed.

  3. That is a gorgeously undignified cat.
    Does Ish travel on the bus, by any chance?!

  4. Oh-my-God that man is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  5. Erm. Regarding my earlier comment and to avoid any misunderstanding...the gentleman's posture reminded me of the hell that can be: sitting next to a man on the bus. You know, the leg thing...oh fiddlesticks.
    (Wanders off, worrying).

  6. LMAO at the part about the cat and the thought bubbles! Hilarious. Glad you are back.