Another Useless Entry

i'm just finishing up my lunch "hour" here at my desk and pondering the big questions of the day.

such as: how do the big bloggers do it?

i was just bopping around from blog to blog and noticed that the super popular ones all have something in common, aside from good writing. you know, like about nine hundred million entries.

it's true. the best blogs are updated frequently -- often more than once a day.

so how do they do it? what sort of time do these bloggers devote to their writing? what sort of secret time devices do they have?? and can i have one???


i did not eat any krispy kremes. i work in a room with four other people and one of the four (the most EVIL one, obviously) brought in a box of fresh krispy kremes this morning. there are still several left, sitting there, taunting me.



i am not doing especially well diet-wise. i started in with chips and salsa on saturday afternoon and didn't reel in the eating of bad, salty/sugary things until sunday night. damn the superbowl and its delicious snack-inducing traditions.

plus i only went to the gym once last week and not at all this week yet. MUST GO.

perhaps whinger's suggestion of putting a sticker on the calendar every day i go is a good one.

soooooo much more to write. sooooo no time to do it.


  1. Right. Two duplicate entries.

    I don't know if the stickers work for everyone, but I do know it almost killed me that I did not get my week-end sticker on Sunday because I skipped a planned workout.

    Cannot wait until I can flip February over.

  2. I'm wondering if you're not expecting Aunt Flo soon? Sugary/salty cravings are frequently PMS driven, at least for me. Stupid female "curse"!!

    I like the sticker idea! My version of this is the Yahoo! Status message. I feel like, if I put up a status that says "rowing", I'm accountable to everyone on my buddy list who sees said message. It helps me keep me motivated.

  3. That's an interesting theory on the successful blogs. Can I tell you I count yours among those? (smile) I'm still not sure how I came across it, I think a link from a friend of a friends or something random like that.

    Regardless, I check yours daily, its fun to read another woman's thoughts on the day to day stuff that make up our lives.

  4. the sticker idea IS an excellent one... if for no other reason that it feels sad to have just a few on the calendar...

  5. Um. I don't think the sticker thing would work for me.

    When I was about seven, my mom had a sticker/calendar plan for me. If I was an ok kid I got a blue or green star, good behavior got a silver star, excellent behavior got a gold star, and very bad behavior got a red star.

    One day I guess I was bad. very bad maybe. Her response? SHE GAVE ME RED STARS FOR THE WHOLE WEEK.

    My dad pointed out that maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

    But, you know, now that I am a parent in the early throes of middle school hell, I understand her logic perfectly.

  6. I just chanced upon your blog and I am a little surprised by something you said. You seem to have a pretty popular blog. I noticed some of the posts have tons of comments. Why compare yourself to anyone else?

    As for the diet thing - I know this goes against popular opinion but I find stepping on the scale every morning keeps me straight the rest of the day. If I am up a little I don't want to make it worse, if I am down a little I want to keep it that way.

  7. big bloggers like joe trippi and lockhart steele get paid to blog, and therefore they have plenty of time to blog. they are not worrying about working any other jobs. they blog.

  8. I love the sticker idea! I might try it. And - that is truly an accomplishment to avoid the Krispy Kremes! Go you! This one b*tch in my office keeps opening boxes of girl scout cookies and keeping them where I have to go by to get a Diet Coke. EVIL. My hatred knows no bounds.

  9. I hate the gym. Lycra is not user friendly. Which is why my dining room has a bench press and treadmill instead of a table. Just set reasonable goals and you'll get there. Aim for two visits next week. Come on - you can fit in two visits!

  10. I haven't been doing so well diet wise either. I'll lose a pound one week, gain it back the next. Staying away from the Krispy Kremes is a great move in the right direction, i always say I'm only going to have JUST one but with how light and airy they are its so hard to stop at just one.
    I like the sticker idea as well, but of course I was a big sticker geek as a kid with a collection and albums.

  11. As a perfectionist-pleaser-procrastinator, the gold star thing would probably work very well for you. Tell your meanest work-mate what it means and make her bug you when she doesn't see stars.

  12. i didn't get the fascination w/krispy kremes for a while... but that was because i'd never had one. duh. good god they're evil. i mean, heaven on earth, but evil.

  13. Ericha@comcast.net9:39 AM, February 08, 2006

    Thank God I'm normally the only one in the office. As long as I don't bring in the goodies, they rarely end up here.

    Since I've been neglecting my blog for ages I'll share my good news here. 3 weeks into my diet/exercise routine and I've lost 14 lbs. and 9 inches. It's been hard, especially this past weekend (trip to sacramento and napa) but I'm doing well.

    Stick with it K...maybe the stickers will work for you. I have my bf who acts as my conscience when mine wants to fly out the window. Having a coach/cheerleader can really help so the suggestion about finding a friend to help might be good for you!

    Best wishes!


  14. did you know that when I type "she walks" in a yahoo search, you're number 3? That's certainly nothing to sneeze at.

    -el snarkster

  15. Hmm...I know why I don't blog more. Firstly, I don't have much time, and secondly, I don't always have something to say...

  16. Hi. Fyi, posting an entry twice doesn't mean you're posting more material.

    (You know I'm just giving you shit, right?)

  17. Way to go staying away from the Krispy Kremes. Does your gym offer classes? That's how I make myself go. I plan it. I plan to go to a class and then I do it and it makes life so much easier. Then I work in other times throughout the week and it just happens. The gym is like my second job...I have to do it, no excuses.

    Erica, that's an amazing amount to lose, way to go!

  18. I'd be interested to know the average ratio of comments to hits...

    I know that sounds all technical and stuff.. but I get quite a few hits every day (at least for a new blog)... but hardly any comments...

    DO you have any idea on an average day of how many hits your getting on your blog cause you DO seem to get quite a lot of comments..

    and yes, I'm jealous! It's a lot of work to blog sometimes, especially when you post pictures... it's too bad people seem to be so comment phobic....


  19. i would say that on average, i have a 2% - 5% comment rate.

    'bout the same as response rates from good direct marketing campaigns. :)

  20. it's funny, cause usually half the time i post a comment on your blog, the profile views on my blog jump up. definitely don't have the amount of comments you do however, nor the amount of posts. oh well. and no, i'm not just commenting so i'll get more hits, i'm just talking to talk.

  21. so you're saying you've gained weight rather than lost some, right? then sheeze, change the motto at the top of your blog because honey, the way you're doing it, losing weight ain't a bitch, just your bitchin' is.

  22. Hmmm...I'm thinking lot's of blogging=you were single. Not so much blogging, you're not. Me thinks you're busy with "other stuff". Let's see...what would I prefer?

  23. omg, too hilarious! i've been spoofed!

    all i can say is, uh, thanks, i guess!

    oh, and also, i am not at all in favor of kristy changing her blog motto. and for the record, she went to the gym three times this week and i went ZERO times!!

  24. and, apparently i am CUTE!



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