i started a valentine's day post on 2/14. in case you were wondering. it's half-way done.

i knew going in that february was going to be an insanely busy month, and it has not fallen short of my expectations.

for one thing, there's my job. (this entry is gonna be quick and dirty, so i haven't time for the job-as-Bob metaphors.) i know i hardly ever mention what i do, but one of the things i do is plan/produce company-wide meetings. and that can get tricky when there's one meeting in a week. this week there are THREE of them.

for another, last weekend my a cappella group had a concert for our parents! which was awesome and super and fun and also a big deal because my dad and jane came to visit. so they were here from thursday until this morning. cool! fun! yay! BUSY!!

next weekend is my friends' wedding. so there have been showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsals, and details to plan. it's all so fun, but also busy. plus i still don't have a dress.

anyway, i will return to posting more often just as soon as i get february done.

miss you!!


  1. Hahahahaha. We miss you too busy lady.

  2. Thanks for the check in! All that sounds wonderful. I love those epic wedding weekends.

  3. Whew! I was beginning to think K moved on and left us IIFs here to fend for ourselves. Scary stuff.


  4. will be good to have you back. :)

  5. I will hold my breath...

    ... don't take too long!


  6. This is random, but I ordered a movie from Amazon- they told me it would arrive on the last day of February, and it actually arrived yesterday. So that obviously means February is officially over...
    Or not.
    At any rate, best of luck with all the craziness that being superbusy brings! :)

  7. hey kids!

    i write about a lot of stuff. i don't, however, write about every last personal detail of my life. and i never will.

    that doesn't mean i live a dual life, and it doesn't mean i'm being dishonest. it just means that there are some subjects (like my job, like other people) that i have NO RIGHT to expose...especially as i don't write anonymously.

  8. but couldn't you write about those things (pretty important things, I think) w/o exposing anyone else?

    Your thoughts/experiences on some subjects would be of huge interest - might be inspirational/aspirational for your readers. Hope I am being vague enough to not get deleted.

  9. Can't wait to hear about the wedding weekend!

  10. Before, when you were having your interactions with SK, someone made the comment that they loved how honest and real you were....but don't you think there are some important topics you have failed to mention at this point?

    You have a huge "fan base," for lack of a better term, and many many times people have told you that you make them feel better about themselves for various reasons (weight issues, family issues, etc.). Don't you think allowing yourself to be different is the essence of your blog?

    I would never want you to post about things that make you uncomfortable or felt too personal, but just allowing yourself to be open with your "IFF's" would allow all of us the ability to recognize and accept different sides of ourselves.

    You are a wonderfully, bubbly, outgoing, friendly, open, normal person - you are a pleasure to read.

  11. K is indeed wonderful, and many people can learn a variety of things from her.

    But you seem to be forgetting that her family, and people she works with, read this blog, and while she may feel comfortable discussing certain aspects of her life in a venue those people read, expecting her to discuss everything is unrealistic -- if it were you, would you want YOUR dad reading/knowing these things?

    Respect her decision, please.

  12. My impression is that Anon 10:42 isn't being disrespectful, and I think really comes from a positive place.

    I think Anon is asking an honest question, which it seems to me is this: doesn't K have an obligation to talk about all the facets of her life?

    I think the answer is no, K does not have such an obligation. Yes, K is honest and real in what she writes. No, she doesn't write about every facet of her life. These things are not contradictory.

    Like every writer, including SK, K chooses what to write about, and what not to write about. This in no way lessens the honesty, the "real"-ness of what she writes.

  13. Just as a diversion? I got new headshots.

    I know none of y'all would have any reason to visit my blog, but feel free to come over. Snarky comments about the size and shape of my head are welcome!

  14. Ish is totally hot...

  15. He IS all that. I am totally not interested in k's sex life anymore...good diversion Ish. And yum.

  16. there is a lot i don't write about here for lots and lots of reasons.

    i do not provide insight into any of the following things:
    - what my relationship with Ish (who is separated) is like
    - details about my sex life: now, before, ever
    - what my family was like growing up
    - my mother's death
    - my father's illness
    - my marriage
    - my divorce
    - my engagement

    it's not that i couldn't. it's that i don't. i touch on these things, but hardly. why?

    because to go into depth about them would take time. would be hard. would take patience on YOUR part. would be uber-personal.

    i have only exposed a tiny little part of my life on this blog.

    so far.

    maybe i'll share more later. but if i do, i will do it in my own way. in my own time.

    and yes. Ish is totally hot.

  17. Did you just say you were engaged?

    You can't drop a bomb like that on your faithfull iif's and say you aren't going to talk about it!

    Okay. You can. It's you blog. *sigh*

    Love you anyway!

  18. sorry, jenny!

    no, i am not engaged. i WAS engaged, but that was not a good idea.

    anyway, no bombshells, promise!

  19. OMG.. K, were you the "Bonnie" referred to in MEJANE's blog? Cause if so, I did not see that coming. What a trip!

  20. And what happened to your link for MeJane's blog? Hmmm.. I think I should be a detective!

  21. Girl (k), you got some good stories in you - let them out somewhere. If I had anything that interesting, I'd share ;)
    (yeah, can you believe she's B??)

  22. I find it amusing that people think Kristy owes anyone anything on her blog. This isn't a soap opera. If she doesn't post for a few days, people freak out and demand she tells us everything that's going on in her life. She owes no one, as far as this blog is concerned, anything. This isn't pay for view. How can people make demands to someone regarding what and when they post? If there's nothing here for a few days, go outside and enjoy the day, or have a nice meal, meet friends, see a movie. Do something other than sit on the edge of your seat waiting to hear every detail of someone elses daily life. Then when she does post, enjoy it for what it is. If you don't enjoy it, find something to do that you do enjoy rather than venting about how she hasn't met your expectations. By the way, Ish you do look hot in your new shot. I still like the old one too.

  23. Was there a comment that spawned all the discussion about posting about personal stuff that got deleted? I feel like I missed something...

    w00t for the a capparent show!

  24. Oh - and double w00t for managing visiting parents... that's a task-and-a-half, no matter how much you love 'em!

  25. LOL...Its yuor blog, you put as little or as much about you as you care finding it pretty interesting myself ;-)

  26. i will restate.

    yep; this blog details only a fragment of who i am, what i do, where i've been, what i've done.

    but it is still real, it is still me.


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