February Has 28 Alone. Thank God.

am. so. tired.

* * * * * * * *

NJ06 was going rather fabulously, thank you, until Life* intervened. as it tends to.

you know, when i lost a ton of weight in college (and kept it off for a long time, i should add), it was because i could focus on it. i mean, i had classes and homework and a part-time job, but i also had almost no social life and was living at home. so i had time. i was never so busy that i'd, say, forget to eat.** and then be so hungry later that i'd, say, realize i was ravenous and accidentally eat a couple fingerfuls of PINK CAKE.***


but these last few weeks at work and with the socializing and concerts and parental visits and Ish's shows and and and, not so much with the gym. and way too much with the bad eating late at night because you realize at 6:30 that your last meal was a bran muffin at 8:54 a.m.

so i am all set to begin anew. refreshed.*****

* * * * * * *

oh, hey! remember valentine's day? yeah, me neither.

* * * * * * *

the wedding was amazing.

i found a dress at about 7:30 p.m. on thursday, after one of the longest days of work i've ever had. i had dragged my sorry, stressful, unfed ass to macy's and was ready to settle. i was tired and had come to the sad conclusion that it was 2 days before the wedding, i had run out of time, i had not lost all the weight i'd wanted, and could not show up at the wedding naked. or in a sack. much as i was ready to.

so i went to the "normal" dress section, where at least i'd discovered earlier that i fit into the normal sized dresses HURRAH HURRAH. because i HATE shopping in the "Macy's Woman" section, for reasons i've pointed out about a million zillion times.

anyway, so i made my way to the dress department, whereupon i discovered that there was a PRIVATE EVENT going on from 5 - 8 p.m. IN THE DRESS DEPARTMENT. i just stood there. i almost cried, too, except i was so tired and so defeated that it just seemed comical.

except then i realized i had only one rational****** choice before me: checking out the "Woman" department (since, you know, i had about 2 hours left in the world to find a dress, unless i wanted to shop on the day OF the wedding, which was just not going to be okay).

and lo. i found one. in the smallest size they offered, i found a (slightly loose) dress that ended up looking great, all things considered. and i cannot find a picture of it online anywhere to show you so just know that i did not show up at my friends' wedding naked.
[i DID show up in time to sing the processional in such a way as to permanently have me removed from any Potential Wedding Singers' list, but that is not the point.]
the wedding ceremony was lovely. the bride and groom looked stunning and happy (if a bit stressed. ahem.). the reception was perfect, despite near-disasters (the caterers were 1.5 hours late, for example). and a grand time was had by all.

it was so nice to be in a room with so much love and happiness, with so many people i care so deeply about, celebrating something so inherently good.

we should all be so lucky.*******

* * * * * * * *

as i believe i have pointed out, i am a complete sentimentalist when it comes to remembering dates.

february 27 is not only the aforementioned groom's birthday (Happy B-Day!), it also marks the 10th anniversary of my first date with david. my ex-husband.

wonder if he has children.

* * * * * * * * *
*damned Life.

**seriously. i sometimes get so tense and wound up that i forget to eat. issues.

***who makes pink cake? even for valentine's day? and why leave it sitting around the office for three days? oh, right. to make a mockery of people like me who wait until day three to actually eat it. sigh.

****dunno what's up with my use of asterisks today.

*****as i am editing this now on monday, i will have you note that as a thank-you for my work last week, my boss brought in CAKE. for BREAKFAST. on a MONDAY. i had some, but not much. plus it had a strawberry on top so was almost healthful. shutup.

******as opposed to seriously considering a sack. because i have a dress that fits like one.

*******and use the word "so" as often as humanly possible, apparently.


  1. I cannot believe Macy's shut you out that way. Very cruel.

    And I love asterisks. They should be used as often as possible.

  2. Knowing the bride and groom, you could have gone naked.

  3. Knowing the bride and groom, you could have gone naked.

    their families might have found it a little odd and inappropriate ;)

  4. Cake for breakfast? Seriously, who does that? Although a lot of muffins might as well be cake when you think about it I guess. Glad you found a dress that wasn’t horrid, and I’m sure the processional wasn’t as bad as all that. Glad you’re back!

  5. Sorry, that last one was me! I always forget my darling bf has his id as the default on this computer even though he is an ex-blogger.

  6. Who ever heard of a Private Dress Event?? What is wrong with Macy's?? It's just plain cruel.

    I think everybody puts off buying dresses for weddings. Like it's some sort of rite of passage.

  7. I have an overwhelming love of ellipses.....

    I can't help it.....

  8. Macy's is evil. Plain evil. But glad you found a dress!

    Welcome back. :)

  9. Why don't you show us a pic of you IN the dress, preferably with the hot Ish by your side ;)

  10. yeah we want ish, we want ish


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