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while i'm busy working on important things like closet clutter and not killing myself on stairmasters and occassionally getting up the nerve to do open mics, my family back east is working on silly things like raising children.

[i have to say, i've been reluctant to post much about the child-having epidemic that is sweeping people i know in the northeast -- since i do get some pretty negative feedback. i mean, i can handle negativity when it's aimed at me, but i take serious issue with it being aimed at my family and babies.]


there really is an epidemic going on. i noticed this at christmas, when i suddenly realized that all these people (who are my age and younger) are getting married and buying houses and having children.

it's almost as if -- and call me crazy here -- but it's as if when i left for san francisco, the lives of the people back home didn't just freeze in time.

i know! crazy!

so while i'm out here doing pretty much the opposite of having children,* i get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing pictures of the various babies. i just quietly, casually shutterfly-stalk my friends and relations. you know.

but i couldn't hold out sharing SOME of the pictures any more.

first we have an updated shot of my nephew, Charlie. who is a very, very big baby who likes carrots. a lot.

(click for larger)

but we also have my best friend's daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarling girl, Ella. who i am in love with. she is the cutest baby i have ever met (relations notwithstanding) and everyone should have pictures of her everywhere because seriously? cutest baby on the planet.**

*for now.

**hi em! hope this isn't weird! i just couldn't resist not sharing ANY LONGER!


  1. oh, they are both adorable!! little people are so cute, but a lot of work and very tiring. trust me, sometimes i'd love to only have to worry about killing myself on a stairmaster!!

  2. Oh my goodness so cute! Is it just a reflection or does your nephew have reddish hair?

    And Ella, adorable. You don't need to respond, but I was wondering what her ethnicity was, because she looks very similar to my Italian/Thai cousins...in any case, simply beautiful.


  3. Hi- I read regularly, but don't usually post. I think it's something about cute child pictures that is inspiring me to do so now.
    Burt's bees makes carrot nutritive face creme- so obviously Charlie is just trying to get a jump on a proper skincare regimen.
    Also, I *love* Ella's toddler-style primal scream face. It's classic.

  4. So cute!

    I live "back east" and I've been feeling the pressure (from loving family members... I think) to have kids.

    It's even scarier to learn that I may be falling for it! Ah! But not yet, thankfully.

  5. Adorable! Ella looks just like the little girl in Monsters, Inc., to me. SO CUTE!

  6. They are lovely.
    Having babies seems to go in waves!

  7. Hey, K, I am on the east coast. From where did you originate?

  8. So super cute! There's something so wonderful about smiling wee ones. How old are they?

  9. OH.MY.GOD. those babies are ADORABLE!

  10. OH.MY.GOD. those babies are ADORABLE!

  11. May I recommend a HILARIOUS book to read: "I Love Everybody (and other atrocious lies)" by Laurie Notaro. There is a chapter called "Babyless" that made me laugh until I cried. And I was on a plane while I was reading it. Laughing. Crying. Surrounded by strangers.

  12. cute kids, but get a dog instead, it's easier.

  13. Awww! I mean seriously they are both so cute. And the girl really is darling. I suddenly miss my nephew!

    btw, I finished reading your last post re: comments. I don't know if this helps but someone recently left an anonymous comment on my blog saying that maybe bad things happen to me because I deserve them(paraphrased somewhat). What was odd about this comment was that it was left on a post about how my boyfriend cheated on me and it broke my heart. My point is, there will always be people who will extrapolate what you write in 50 different directions, assume they know you from 3 posts and then sit on judgment. It's better to just ignore them.

  14. Way too cute! Can I please just eat their cheeks? I'll gobble them gently and leave enough for everybody else. I promise!

  15. Chris,
    Your Thai/Italian cousins may resemble Eleanor (Ella) because she is 1/2 Korean and 1/2 Caucasian (or, I could make it more interesting and say 1/2 Dutch-English-Scottish-Japanese... ;) ).

    Thanks for the inquiry!

    And to everyone, for the comments in general. We think she's pretty outta this world... Although, apparently, not great ENOUGH to warrant a hat or mittens knitted by her Aunt Kiki...

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... ;)

  16. good things, very good things...

    elaine b

  17. They make babies that cute so you will eventually make the decision to have them against all logic.

    I have two...and I love them more than my next breath.

  18. While I don't dislike children, I'm not interested at all in having children.

    I love being able to play with them and then hand them back when they get cranky - or as the great Wanda Sykes says "Hey, I've been feeding them candy bars all day. I don't have to pay their dental bills."


    These are some adorable pictures, BTW.

  19. They are very cute.
    Regarding the negative feedback, it seems to me that some of your readers do not recognize the genre you work in -- self-deprecating humor. I bet people would have done the same to Patrick Campbell, had he had a blog.

  20. making babies is fun, raising them sucks - bob dylan.

  21. aw! cute! aw! coo!

    i hear 25 is right about when ye olde biological clock starts ticking. so far nothing i can hear, but damn if i don't find all babies SUPER ADORABLE these days ;-P

  22. They ARE adorable.

    Although I'm 24, so everyone I know is getting married.

  23. True about the baby epidemic. In NY it's becoming fashionable to have a baby and not work any more. Lots of women with complicated looking strollers (sort of like the Humvee/SUV equivalent of the stroller) on the streets during the working day. It has come full circle: a true feminist now is liberated from work and rejoicing in her ability to be a full-time mother.

  24. The greatest opportunity on the planet was/is being a full-time mother. (God knows it doesn't last forever) Maybe the mother goes a little stircrazy sometimes, but knowing her kids are happy because she's there is greatest reward. that's the gift the mother gives her kids no matter what else happens.

  25. also add, it may be the greatest gift the father/husband gives his kids/wife, too. (couldn't happen without him, that's for sure... unless you won the lottery... )

  26. what about valentine's day? kristy i was hoping you'd give us your quirky/cynical take on the holiday this year. do anything fun?

    as for the baby mania, i agree. i can't believe several of the girls i used to hang out with have babies already. well, and husbands. husband is an odd concept to me, too, for some reason. is it possible i'm not as young as i think i am??


  27. anon 5:55 a.m.,

    i think it's great when women stay home to raise their kids, if they want to. that said, my mom worked outside of the home and i have always considered that to have been a gift to me. you see, even as a child i was so proud of her and the work she did. it made me feel good about myself that my mom was out there working.

    and what she brought to me and our family from her work experiences was also priceless. i learned a great deal from her that helped me once i became an adult and entered the work force. plus, she loved her work and it was exciting for me to see that side of her. it opened my eyes to what might be possible for my life.

    my mom has always said that having and raising kids was the most important thing in her life by far. and i never doubted that for one second. she showed it in myriad ways every day.

    but i am glad she worked outside of the home. i never felt i lacked love or attention from my mom. i knew my siblings and i made her world go round. still, the fact that she worked outside the home was something i have always valued and respected.

  28. Anon 11:10, your side of the coin makes a lot of sense, too; your mom sounds like she'd have been friends with my mom even tho they did 9-5 differently... definately another way of gifting, for sure. That the kids know they're unique and special is the goal - getting the kids ready to make the journey from childhood to adulthood is the trick, after all. If we can stay affirming, stay connected, and give fewer rules that really count - working mothers or stay at home mothers are doing ok... thank you for your words too! where are you kristy?

  29. K -

    10 days without a post, not even something funny about Feb 14th? come one! Where are you?


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