Worst. Episode. Ever.

Um. I'm on the East Coast. It's 9:10 and we're working through the Emmys and oh my sweet jeebus. Let me be the first -- or one of the first -- to say that this is the worst, most painfully directed and put together awards show I have ever seen.

The timing is all off. The round stage has everyone confused. The cameras seem to have no idea where they're supposed to be. The writing is painful. No one seems very good at reading the teleprompter.

And of course, all this just makes the usually awkward moments of these awards shows that much worse. The older actors seem scared instead of distinguished, the improvised moments make little sense, and there is a general feeling that no one knows what they're supposed to be doing.

The transitions are so bad, so cringe-worthy, that Ish has taken to hiding in the bathroom during them because he cannot watch the train wreck.

Just, wow.

* * *

I had to come back. It's now 9:46 p.m. and I just watched, slack-jawed, at the Jersey Boys/Sopranos tribute.

Tell me which was worse: watching the sweet-faced Jersey Boy serenade us as we sort of caught glimpses of Pussy's body being rolled into the sea (!?!?!?!) or the Here-Is-The-Sopranos-Cast-Coming-From-The-Trapdoor-To-WAVE -AT-YOU-FOR-23 seconds circus? WHA????

(p.s. Helen Mirren is a goddess.)

* * *
Tim Goodman does a great job of live blogging the Emmys, and leaves me without much to add. Generally speaking, Tim mostly hates everything on television, and mostly with good reason (though even I think he's too harsh some of the time). But between my horror last night and reading this fun post, I have decided two things:

1. I will not write more about the monstrosity that was the 2007 Emmys. There is too much to say, too much to hate, Tim has said most of it, and I don't have the three days to spare railing against it.

2. I will endeavor to live-blog the Oscars.



  1. It. Was. SO. BAD. I think maybe ONE thing was presented facing the "back" of the stage. I mean, I love the concept of theatre in the round in *general* but only when it's well executed - you know, when all sides of the audience are equal. I also have to say I LOVE when the presenters aren't pre-informed that the recipient won't be accepting their award. I laughed the whole way through the show. And I don't know how many times I yelled "I am SO CONFUSED" - the random Sopranos-waving-on-stage moment was definitely one of the times.

  2. the show WAS hideous... truly... especially the clumsy censoring... but colbert/stewart/carell made me laugh out loud. as always.

    and tim goodman is my idol.

  3. Yep....I couldn't believe what a train wreck the show was...I kept getting up and walking away for a while because I started feeling sorta anxious about how terrible it was...and wondering what the hell I was doing watching the damned thing? All together uncomfortable. But, Helen Mirren is such a goddess. love her!

  4. ug, I haven't watched the whole thing yet, I DVR'd it and went out...

    The 1/2hr or so I saw though was very awkward, I didn't like the round stage at all.

    bummer, I usually love watching the Award shows

  5. We N E E D an update on Bemily's wedding...please...please...pretty please with sugah on it? *grin* How are we the mass unworthy supposed to live life vicarioulsly thorough you if you don't post? (that just sounds stalkerish...doesn't it?) Love your posts Kristy..keep 'em coming!

  6. Waaah. I thought you got PAID to write your blog these days. Are you only working part time or what?


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