There's No Crying In Blogging

I feel like every few months I post about how much I'm not posting, and believe me when I tell you I HATE that more than you do. I love blogging, I love writing, and I have missed it these last several months.

But I am back. I swear. I have about 17 posts in the works -- weddings, diagrams, the whole shebang. I also owe a few memes, and have an interview post to write (oh, aren't you thrilled?).
Also, work has finally stopped running at a fever pitch and I am settling into a normal routine and am vowing to work at least SOME blog time into my work day.

Anonymous said...

Waaah. I thought you got PAID to write your blog these days. Are you only working part time or what?

I am not sure what anonymous means, but I am wondering if my working for BlogHer is unclear?

So let me state for the record:

I work for BlogHer as I would work for any other organization -- I am in marketing and event planning. Primarily, I manage the BlogHer Conferences. And while the entire BlogHer organization is focused on women who blog, personal blogging is not part of my job description. Alas, I do not get paid to write about my ever-enlarging ass, much as I'd like to.

That said, however, I really do have more time now to write. Weekends, after work, during lunch, etc. And I plan to use it.

Next post coming later today!


  1. YAY...we are eagerly awaiting your return!

  2. Yes, but there IS that shiny new ad over there -->
    that must be earning you millions.


  3. There's no crying in blogging...

    I love that subject line. You are awesome.

  4. Yes, your blogher gig was unclear. Now I"m on top of it! You go girl!

    Do some knitting already!

  5. If you'd like to write about my ever-enlarging ass, I could probably scrape together a couple bucks.

    Please make it sound better than it is.

  6. Othur, I'm not sure how it would work, but I would LOVE to write a post about your ass, ever-enlarging or no. Erm...why don't you tell me about it, and we'll see what happens!

    (I'm not kidding.)

  7. glad to read that you are back. love the way you write.

    welcome home!

  8. I'm honored and confused all at the same time.

    Hmmm....I like to describe it as a dream, wrapped in a rainbow, topped with bacon and bread crumbs, dotted with butter, and baked at 350 deg (that's hot) for about 25 minutes.

    You'll have to take it from there.

  9. You can earn $20 for each 20 minute survey!

    Guess what? This is exactly what big companies are paying for. They need to know what their customer needs and wants. So these companies pay millions of dollars per month to the average person. In return, the average person, myself included, fills out surveys and gives them their opinion.


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