Fashionista I Am Not

But she is.

I am delirious with drawing! I have made fashion-cum-breezy-elegance-sunroof-style illustrations for Blogging Barbie for NO REASON. Because she did not ask. But I am nothing if not inconsistent.

There is more.

*p.s. I am so talented that I do all my work in Word. HAHA!


  1. um, hi. i heart you. that is all.


    xo, bb

  2. Kiki -

    I have been having so much fun catching up on your posts! Espcially the personal trainer saga. I once did a dive roll in yoga class...not on purpose or anything (balance is hard) but after that I figured I could be a Hollywood stunt double if I wanted to.

    I heat the diagrams... and you :x

  3. You are insanely funny. I think I love you.


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