Last Day To Help A Comic Out!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

One of my (and Ish's) favorite comics here in the Bay Area is competing in Comedy Central's Open Mic Fight. This is kind of a HUGE deal.

I am asking you to vote for him.

And you're all like, why? Who? What now?

Basically, Mo Mandel is a young comedian who deserves recognition for several reasons:
  • His material is actually good.

  • And original.

  • And well written.

  • Mo works incredibly hard.

  • Mo is a NICE guy. I have met dozens and dozens of comedians, many of whom just...aren't. So many are mean-spirited, or bitter, or have enormous egos, or any combination thereof. Mo is a good egg. (And you know, cute, too.)
So do your part. Get your crush on, then go Vote for Mo.

You can say you knew him when. :)


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