This Is Not The Post

Oh, and I assumed it went without saying, but hi.

If there is ANYTHING you would actually LIKE me to write about, my all means just ask. Do you have questions? I'll answer 'em! I have long just been too afraid to do something like "Q&A FRIDAYS" because I always assume that I won't actually GET any questions, and then it will just be "A FRIDAYS" and what fun is that? And also how lame. But good heavens. If there's something you actually WANT to know more about, just say the word!!!

Because you? You are my favorite.


  1. what would i like to read about? hmmmmmmmmm. that is a great question. see, i love when you write...doesn't matter what it is about. but i think i would like to know what was your "best" vacation and why. paint me a picture!

    p.s. if you could answer why the stupid word verification hates me so that would be greatly appreciated as well.

  2. Check out the Redacted blog - he does sporadic Friday Q&A (and I think he makes some of those Qs up).

    My request is for you to write about where you shop or how you find clothes.

  3. If you were traveling to another city and you knew one of your invisible friends lived in that city (which you know because, for instance, you have a small Google Analytics problem), would you make an effort to meet the Invisible Friend in person?

    Oh, and I got a Core workout just reading your personal trainer post.

  4. What are you reading these days?

  5. Tell us who are too poor to do much traveling more about your wonderful city! I LOVE San Francisco and No Cal! When I grow up I want to live along the Russian River in a little shack, or if I'm really stinkin' rich in Bodega Bay.

  6. You love wine. I love wine. There are a lot of good wines that aren't expensive. Tell us about the wines you like, what you usually buy, what you would buy when you want to splurge, what you look for if you want to buy something sort of special as a gift for a friend. Red or white (or both)?

    Or what wines suck, or what ones make you giggle when you hear someone else say they're "good" because you think they're awful.

    Wine names and wine labels are a source of entertainment, too. Ever seen any that were so off-the-wall (as opposed to all stuffy and traditional-sounding), that you HAD to try them? I bought a bottle of "Bitch" once (cool pink label, natch), as a gift for a friend, because the guy at the store recommended it, and besides, who doesn't have good wine-drinking girlfriends who'd "get" receiving a bottle of "Bitch?" :D

    Have you ever been to the "wine country?" I'd assume living where you do, that you probably have, but maybe not. Plus, while a lot of people traditionally think of Napa, there are lots of different wine-producing areas near the Bay Area that aren't besides the Napa Valley. Tell us about your trip(s) to them (or go, so you can write about it ;) ).

    That ought to be worth at least 3-4 posts, and maybe even a recurring series.

  7. Please strike the word "besides" in the 4th paragraph above (oh how I wish comments were editable!).


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