The Question Portion Of This Blog...

...has now come to a close.

For those of you who missed it, and/or are too lazy to scroll down like, TWO entries, I asked the first ten people who requested interviews five unique questions each.

Those questions are in the comments here.

That was hard!

But I also said that I'd ask at least one question of everyone else who wanted an "interview" but was a little late to the top-ten party.

So! What were the results, you ask (because you're STILL uninclined to scroll down two whole posts and check the comments section or click on the above)? Well, see below for the questions, the responses (in links) and the NEW questions for the rest of you...

* * *
Interview One: Julie!

I asked her about...

1. Infomercials.

2. Footwear.

3. Redheads.

4. Drinking.

5. Secrets.

Sound intriguing? Well, go read her lovely answers, which involve shoe pee. HAHA! Oh, do I ever understand.

* * *
Interview Two: Green

Here we discuss...

1. Cleaning.

2. Crying.

3. Pasta.

4. Morning people.

5. Dog love!

How does a Green Yogurt feel about such issues, you ask? Find out here.

* * *
Interview the Third: Cassie

Where we aim to discover her thoughts on:

2. Cities.

3. Cat hair.

4. Shopping at Staples. (A favorite hobby of mine!)

5. High heels.

What does she think? I do not know, but if you visit her site, you can see cool pictures of small children rockin' out to reggae. And that's kind of awesome.

* * *
Interviewo Numero Fouro: Shananigans

She totally takes the ball and runs with questions about:

1. Cigar-smokin hotties.

2. More about redheads (who knew I had a fascination)?

3. The zodiac.

4. Wedding tremors.

5. Celebrity phone calls.

Read all about it here.

* * *

I thought she may have something to say about...

1. Swedish discounts.

2. Makeovers.

3. Games.

4. Ricki Lake.

5. Gross food.

She hasn't answered as far as I can tell...but maybe it's only a matter of time.

* * *
I wonder if a lot of people ask her Who Shot You? But I didn't. Next up, it's
Six: JayAre, who will presumably discuss...

1. Her use of the term "bonk." (HAHAHAHA! Bonk!)

2. Britney.

3. Throwing books.

4. Gizmos. (Probably not pink ones.)

5. The mani versus the pedi.

You wanna know. Go find out.

* * *
Lucky Number Seven: Lord, She Was Born A Ramblin' Girl!

And so we find out about...

1. Our different takes on roller coasters. (Me? Not so much with them.)

2. Being a thirtysomething.

3. Vacation. (Because hi, it's Friday!)

4. Um, baby names.

5. Knowing thyself. Thysevles? Shush.

She's got something to say, and also refers to this as a rash. Awesome!

* * *
Aarwenn is our fabu figure eight.

She will maybe someday tell us about:

1. Crazy plastic surgeons. (You know how they get.)

2. Kingdom Fabulous.

3. Milk out of the nose.

4. Sexy male moms.

5. Knowing something you don't.

* * *
Interview Nine: OneBadSue

Now, please note: Sue is a badass and I know her in real life and stuff. And even though she hasn't posted in AGES, perhaps this will spark her...

1. Spontaneous roofing.

2. Strippers.

3. Geeking out.

4. Quickass time travel.

5. Quite possibly Celine Dion.

* * * *
TEN: (Ha!) Dawn z(ed) is Coo(l)!

Know how I know? Just look at those rockin' specs. Plus she takes these topics on...

1. Knitting.

2. Fun with latex!

3. Drinkypoos.

4. Bikers.

5. MORE fun with latex. Maybe. Sorta.

...and jams. See?

* * *


(Feel free to answer in comments or link to your answer or both or whatever!)

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy, you rockstar you. I couldn't help but notice you haven't blogged in while. What's the real reason you do blog, and what's the best time you've ever had in the "blogosphere" (reading, writing, commenting, etc.)?

Okay, Sam. I dunno if this qualifies as a "doozy," but it's definitely a real question. I don't know if you decided to go to that writer's conference you mentioned, but whatever. Say you got to go to dinner with Mr. Crais. Just the two of you. This means you have roughly two hours to pick his brain and soak up everything you can. What's the one biggest thing you want to learn/know/find out, and how do you think it'd help you?

Vixen Rachel... I don't know if you feel this way, but I can definitely understand that both Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio are good-looking males. However, I have never been able to get over the fact that they're just looking. Do you know what I mean? What are your thoughts about these two? Sexy? Not sexy? Date-worthy?

Um, hi, Nikki. I couldn't tell if that meant you wanted a question or not, but here's one anyway: Say that Bill and Hill DID split up, for real. And through some awesome twist of fate, you two met, and he actually wanted to date you. REALLY FOR REAL. Would you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

JESTER! My love! I miss you!
Everyone! I don't know if you ever stopped on by to read it, but Jester wrote an AMAZING chronicle of his experience getting a HUGE ASS RECORD DEAL SORT OF! It's gripping, and fascinating and full of famous people. (Did you know that Jester is FAMOUSISH?) Seriously. Go read his story. It's cool as hell. Find it here.
What's your biggest current dream that you think really could be a possibility someday?

And finally, we have, alica. This is a super hard one. (At least, it would be for me.) What do you think your 8-year old self would think of your current self?

* * * *

Whew! That was some serious work, kids. I am exhausted. But also loving your answers -- you are fascinating people!

And um, I'm not sure -- I feel like I should state that if you have any questions you'd like me to answer, I'd be happy to do so. Seriously, I'd talk about anything. (Hi! Obviously!) But I also feel like that seems self-indulgent to ask on my own damn blog. So I dunno. If there's something you'd like to know that I haven't already talked about exhaustively, please let me know.

Thanks for all your participationness!!!


  1. You are so right - - I have NOT posted in ages! I think this meme may very well turn out to be the thing to get me posting again.

    I'll post my answer on my blog. Thanks for the verbal "kick in the pants" . . . :-)

  2. My answer is posted here

    (hope the link works!)

  3. Excellent question! The answer, plus a question for you, can be found here.

  4. Ok, I'll have my answers up soon. BUT, as I was starting to write my witty and cute response (ie - not witty or cute yet), I realized that you only wanted thoughts on 4 things, not 5. Perhaps I should make up my own fifth? Or just plea the fifth?

  5. Hi Cassie,

    Sorry about that -- there were actually five questions (you just have to look in the comments section for them). The first question pertained to email. :)

  6. Well, I'm not sure if I was hinting for a question, or not, but since you asked!! I am happy to oblige. I can't do linky things (there are no clicky buttons here!) but you can find my answer here...

  7. Oh! I found the missing question. Yay! (Note to self, read comments in other people's blogs after I've posted... )
    It's done. I had a lot of fun with this to be honest, so if anyone out there missed Kristy's round, I'll try to think of some good ones too.
    The post

  8. what a cool -- and labor-intensive -- idea!

    you ask great questions, k.

  9. I'm slow and haven't had a chance to respond yet. Also, my internets at home have been broken. But mostly I just am slow, sadly. Soon I'll have answers posted - promise!


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