Comedy Death Match!

Ish sent me a reminder that he needs some help.

Details are below, direct from the horse's mouth.

(Where, you know, by "horse" I mean "Ish" and by "mouth" I mean "keyboard.")

Please come join our little cheering section. Because we're nice and fun. And if you're wondering if Comedy and Steakhouse is really a good idea, I have four words for you: eat before you come.

* * *

One last reminder that I'm in the Steel Cage Death Match of Comedy tonight at Tommy T's Comedy and Steakhouse (come for the fart jokes, stay for the filet mignon).

One more time:

TONIGHT, Tuesday April 3
Tommy T's Comedy and Steakhouse
5104 Hopyard Road
Pleasanton, CA ("Gateway to Dublin")
$7 (one-item minimum)
Good lineup, tough competition, need your votes.



  1. chirp, chirp...chirp, chirp...

  2. Sorry I couldn't make it, I needed to get my hairscut.

    Yes, that's a valid excuse.

    That and the world's second dumbest waitress works there.

  3. i live on the other side of the country or i would have totally been there! so, do tell! how was it?

  4. LG - that's quite okay. It's such a long trek for such awful fare -- and your support in the first round was what really mattered. So thanks again for that.

    Hhhn - The lineup was tough, but the crowd was almost non-existent and also not very into the show. One guy who advanced brought a LOT of people; one guy who advanced was downright funny, and is pretty successful in the up-and-coming world; and the third guy who advanced went last.

    Alas, this does mean that Ish is no longer in the running. However, those of us who have been subjected to some of the worst food and even worse service in the Bay Area are okay with this.

    Thanks for asking! :)

  5. Hhhn - Thanks for asking. You didn't miss much. The crowd was small and very lethargic. I did okay, i had fun, I didn't advance, I'm okay with that.

    LG - We basically had to wrestle a server over to our table who reluctantly took our order, and then left. For the night. We eventually corralled a different server for the second (and third) rounds of drinks. Still ,better then last time, when the server came back midway through the show, plopped the check down on the table and started blowing out all the candles.

    All in all, glad I did it, glad I'm done with it.


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