On Compromise

Sunday, 4:13 p.m. No plans. Surfing our "On Demand" choices.

Ish: What are the chances I could get you to watch The Sting tonight?

Me: I dunno. What are the chances I could get you to watch The Devil Wears Prada?


Ish: Touche.


  1. Both of them are excellent movies! (Kristy, how can you not like The Sting?)

  2. Robert Redford! Paul Newman! How can you go wrong?

  3. Oh my god - totally watch The Sting. Paul Newman is so hot at that age. Hell, Paul Newman is still hot...

  4. HPS, Kelly, Dates Bubbas, Tommy T, Kiki? etc

    This is Devi, Dan's girlfriend.

    I know all about the whole story. And not only do I not appriciate it, but consider it very illegal, and furthermore, I support my boyfriend 100 % to protect him and to catch those involve in illegale surviellance and fraud.

    Yes, Dan help me to type this, but not to think it. These are my thoughts. You better watch it. as far as I am concern you are tormenting a much better man than yourself " no pun intended " A man who would never do such a thing as you are doing to him, to another.

    You may call (707)304-1244 and talk to Devi and Dan to discuss detail the past or your future, or you can continue your ongoing persecution based solely on stolen information and imagination at your own risk.

  5. Okay, so...I do need to see The Sting. It just seemed like a very boy-like movie and I wasn't especially in the mood for that. So I countered with a very girl-like movie to make a point. (Although I totally would've watched Devil, if only to bitch about how wretched a book it was.

    Anon 12:26 - WTF??? Is this a new form of spam?


  6. What was that all about??

    On a separate note, The Sting is better than The Devil Wears Prada. But, lazy Sunday afternoons have room for 2 movies!

  7. Now that was some weird-ass anonymous commenting!

    I am tempted to call the number listed to see what the drama is all about. Just cause I'm nosey that way. Of course not on my phone! Oh no. I don't want drama to call me back!

    Maybe it is some strange practical joke and now 'Devi & Dan' are getting all kinds of bizzaro phone calls from crazies like me! =)

  8. maybe,Slendy-maybe

    Paris isn't good enough for either of you.....

    takes a lot of pressure off that way

  9. The Sting is NOT a boy movie at all! It was my favorite movie when I was 12. I watched it the other day with my 13 year old (boy). It's still a great movie. Both those actors are so yummy. Movie stars. So much better than the "celebrities" we are saddled with today.


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