Points And Goals? No, It's Not The World Cup

So the insanity that has been my life for the seven weeks seems to be -- dare I say? -- ebbing.

I am starting to feel normal again, and it's possible that the next few months might be somewhat routine.

And you know what this means.

It means that, following seven weeks of my life feeling flipped upside down, I finally started to feel like myself again, which also means I made the terrible mistake of LOOKING IN THE MIRROR. And no, I don't mean this metaphorically, in a touchy-feely, we-should-all-take-time-to-look-at-ourselves-in-"The Mirror" way. I mean, I actually bothered to really LOOK in the mirror. And know what I saw?

New chub.


I have gained weight, folks.

Now, I don't know how much I've gained recently versus how much weight may have crept onto my body slowly over the last several months, but no matter: it is there, and it is NOT PRETTY.

I was doing SO WELL, too. I maybe wasn't having the weight just fly off of me or anything, but I was holding steady and/or losing a little pretty consistently.

I mean, "No Joy in '06" (remember that plan?) was coming along quite well. I have organized my apartment and cleaned it from top to bottom and have kept it that way week after week. I rearranged my furniture, actually bought a bed (no more mattress and boxspring on the floor), and painted my hallway. I identified all of my spending "issues" and am paying off credit cards. And I was doing well at going to the gym and eating better. I have even started COOKING regularly. WITH ACTUAL GROCERIES and everything! (For those of you who may be new-ish 'round these parts, I once devoted an entire entry to the contents of my fridge, which were more than a little scary...)

But then somehow the gym stopped happening as regularly and all of a sudden WHAM! I'm 10 pounds heavier.

This is not good news.

I KNOW I can lose weight. I WAS losing weight. And also I've DONE IT BEFORE!

But whatever. It wasn't happening, and so now it must. And it's come down to this:
My workplace has begun a Weight Watchers program, and I am joining. Joined. Today.

And there it is.


  1. Have you tried WW before? It's pretty do-able. I think you will enjoy it. Esspecially if you have a group.

    Man, now the weight will FLY off!

  2. I know the feeling and I weighed myself yesterday and feel like crap.

    definitely feeling your pain! But we can both do it

  3. Sometimes life takes over and things like taking/keeping the weight off have to be rearranged on the priority totem pole. The trick is to get right back to it and not give up, and that’s what you’re doing. You will do awesome, not that you need me to tell you that ;)

  4. WW combined with exercise is great actually! You know exactly how much you are supposed to eat, and it makes eating healthy easier,because you actually get to know what is worth eating and spending calories on! :) (And how to save/earn calories for alcohol too!)

    Rock it Kiki!

  5. Like someone else said, sometimes other things are more important than the treadmill.

    Sometimes when I feel shitty about myself it helps me to think about all the other more important things I kick ass at. It is so easy to focus on that one aspect of our lives and get sad.

    We are all here to cheer you on. OF COURSE you can do it.

  6. Ericha2@comcast.net3:29 PM, June 21, 2006


    I've done WW quite a few times and it's worked to a point each time. The hardest part is keeping track of what you're eating. I hate having to write it all down. It's a little easier with the points system but it still became something I dreaded doing each day.

    I hope it works for you as it's worked for so many before you! I unfortunately gained 10 lbs on my vacation and have spent the past few weeks trying to lose that so I could get back to where I was before. I am happy to report that as of yesterday I have reached that goal. Now on to losing more!

    Best of Luck! Oh, Trader Joe's will now be your best friend...if it wasn't already.

  7. That rules that you approve your comments now! It's been awhile since I have left one, clearly. (ha! don't post this one)

    Ooh! BTW, are you still planning on attending BlogHer?

  8. (jenny - hope you don't mind that i did!)

    i'm still undecided about BlogHer, though i suppose i should make up my mind, huh? hmm....

  9. We have WW at work too, and I gotta say, the girls that are on it have done amazing at losing weight. Seriously, don't get down on yourself about the extra weight, it happens when you are stressed and worried. My new diet consisted of leaving my job that made me miserable. I've lost 4 lbs this week and it didn't involve any excercise!
    (not that i recommend this diet of course)

  10. I have lost 41 lbs. on WW since January 21. If you think you can do it, you can. I think the key is doing it for yourself. Wow, as I read this, I realize how freaking corny it is. But seriously, it works. Good luck.

    This is the first time I have commented. I love your blog. You are inspiring.

  11. first-time post! yay!

    don't stare at the large V on my forehead, y'all.

    anyhoo, it's amazing how much stress contributes to weight gain. there's a silver lining, though. lack of stress tends to equal weight loss. unless you're one of those skinny people who are skinny because they're stressed.

    it's really true...i've love my new job -- it's crazy, but it's fun and i actually ENJOY life now (amazing concept, huh?) -- down from a 16 to a 12 (cue happy dance)

    so, miss k -- don't worry. it'll fall off soon


  12. Jeez-loueez, K! A clean, more beautiful apartment, successful on the job, cooking healthy foods, and now Weight-Watchers--after all you've been through of late? What comes next? Walking on water? Leave something for the rest of us to triumph over, huh?

    (I'm glad you're waking up, Sweetness. You're doing great. Just keep doin' whatcher doin'.)

  13. I'm on WW right now (although not as religiously as I should be) and I have to say that keeping track of my points online is key for me. If I am left to write them down and try to figure them out myself, I don't. I have also found the online message boards to be quite helpful. It costs me $15 per month, but it may be less for you since you are a real member vs a virtual one.

    That said, good luck! I think you will find it very easy to follow, especially in the beginning and with your workplace support.


  14. Congratulations on taking that step. I've been thinking about WW myself, as I cannot seem to take off any weight, and I was about 40 pounds overweight the last time I dared step on a scale. That was months ago, though, and I'm afraid to find out that I've gained even more.

  15. WW rocks! I lost 35lbs on it, still 35 from goal, but now I have to add the dreaded exercise to the mix. I have been stalled for a couple months. LUCK! to both of us.

  16. Good for you! I was in a similar situation - I had been going to the gym, eating right, and losing weight until my dad died in April and all of a sudden my healthy habits stopped and I gained back everything I'd lost really fast. But I joined WW two weeks ago and I've already lost 10 pounds. Plus, it's by far my favorite diet I've ever been on and something I can totally picture doing for the rest of my life. I wish I'd tried it years ago. Good luck!

  17. Good Luck! WW has worked wonderfully for my parents and I've thought about doing it myself. Mom just does it naturally now without really trying...

    Baby steps, before NJ06 it would have been really hard for you to do WW - you know what with ALL the food in fridge and all.

  18. Go out dancing a lot. You get to drink, shake, shake, shake your booty AND shed pounds all at the same time. BTW, I like the new pink blog skin! What's up with the b'day plans?

  19. LOVE the new layout!

  20. K,

    Two things:

    1.) LOVE the new template! It's so wonderful!

    2.) WW is my friend, I'm doing it too, but I would stay clear of the whole WW online tools thing (at least as far as the message boards are concerned, these are not generally web savvy people, if you know what I mean!)

  21. SK is going on WW today too according to her blog. Truth be told I DESPISE her.

    Good luck. Either way you are nice and a good writer and she is horrible.

  22. Weight Watchers is great. I go on and off it, and I am on it right now! In the beginning, for me anyway, there are maybe two days where I'm starving and annoyed and think it's not going to work...this time, this was an entire week and I was NOT HAPPY...but once it worked it was like, sudden. Suddenly, even on days I was allowing myself to cheat (if there was a special party or something) I just wasn't that hungry. (So that is my little advice, if it seems to suck in the beginning, it will get better.) Good luck with it!


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