Surprise! (The Eleanor Approach)

Does this new design make my butt look big?

* * * * * *

When my best friends discovered they were pregnant, they decided two things*.

One: they would not find out the gender of the baby.

Two: they would select a girl's name and a boy's name, and they would not tell anyone what those names were until after the baby was born.

Basically, they believed that telling people their name selections before the child's birth sort of opened the door for unsolicited feedback.

Them: Oh, we're thinking of calling him/her _____.

Random Person: Really? ____? Because I had an uncle/aunt named _____ and they were awful and every time I hear that name I will be reminded of them and their _______.

Them: Thanks for that information. Very helpful.

Anyway, they named their daughter Eleanor (Ella) Elizabeth. And she's incredibly photogenic and even though I've already featured her here before and even though she's well over a year old now, this remains one of my favorite pictures of her:

And so...well, right. Even though, sure, Emily might never speak to me again for comparing refacing my blog (without asking for feedback) to the naming of her beautiful child, there it is.

* * * * *

Big, BIG, BIIIIG thanks to all those who helped me get this new design.

There was Jenny at BlogStudios, who's still working out the tweaks. (If you're looking to have your own blog updated, I recommend them highly!)

There was also the fab-u illustrator whom I've never met, who created the "breezy" blond up top based solely on a sputtering email I sent her.

But especially there's Merideth (beautiful designer, see?), who both hooked me up with said illustrator and who -- ohthatsright -- designed this whole layout. She is owed many, many drinks. And dinner. And possibly my first born.


*Probably they decided more than two things, but whatever. Artistic license.


  1. Love it. That banner is fantastic! :)

  2. Oh it's just so SO cute.

    Hurrah for new design!

  3. Yay! for the new design!

    At first the window opened up as pink while it was loading, and I thought for sure that I had ended up on the wrong page.

    Yay for you! Yay for goals from your last post! Yay for my apparent obsession with exclamations!

  4. LOVE the new design! And your BUTT looks perfect to me!

  5. Wow, I love the new look. Very cool and very "you" I think (in so much as I can reasonably make that kind of presumptuous remark)...did you design it yourself?

  6. You crack me up girl! (pun intended)

  7. I like it....very cute.

  8. great new look!

    been thinking about an update for mine, but at this rate, it may never see the light of day...

  9. the banner is definitely cute! great new look.

  10. A great design to go with a great blog!

  11. ooh! so fancy and new! :) Looks great, and very fitting.

    love it.

  12. I love the design! I love the banner! I love the color! I love your new set-up so much I might have to marry Strike that last sentence. But, truly 47 thumbs up!! If you don't get sloshed tonight in the glow of the computer screen beaming your fancy new blog design, you ain't our K! May everything else in your life turn out this pink! xo

  13. Great new look. Love your blog. Have been reading for months now.

  14. We did the exact same thing when I was pregnant.

    We didn't find out the gender, because we wanted to be surprised.

    We didn't share our name choices because we didn't care for people's opinions, and because we figured the best way to share the name was when we could introduce him or her (turns out we had a son =) )


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