Ages Ago

Kirin asked what I looked like at the time of the Grand Central story (below). The picture featured here was taken the summer I turned 20 (I posted about it when I was just starting to focus on weight loss. HA!).

Here's the only other shot I have on my computer from the same time period.

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I don't suspect -- or even aspire -- to be a size 6 again. But somewhere in the ballpark would be nice.


  1. SO cute! Thanks for posting.

  2. Damn girl just accept ypurself and if he can't....dump his lame fucking assss your hoooooooooooooot

  3. you look like kate bosworth in tis pic....cute.

    from your pic on the side i think you look better and beautiful

  4. ahhhhh, to be 20 again! Damn it! Stupid 30!!!

  5. You were awesome than and you are so much more beautiful now!

    Love you Kiki!

  6. You look great! And, if you don't mind answering, who's that with you?


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