Burrito Head

I'm sad.

I have good days now, and am starting to be productive again, but I'm still sad. I'm sad because of my dad and I'm sad because of my mom (the anniversary of her passing is almost here) and I'm sad because of Ish and how sometimes it just feels like everything is hard right now.

And the big problem with being sad is that it takes a lot of my time and energy. I want to have the energy to write. To create. To get back into stand-up. To jump back into the healthy routine of diet and exercise I started. Instead, I just feel like I'm in lock-down mode. Auto pilot. Energy-saver.

I know it'll get better. I'm just waiting for a second (or what is it now? fifth? sixth?) wind.

IN THE MEANTIME, I was wondering yesterday, as I was eating half a burrito for lunch, just what kind of aluminum foil the Mexican restaurants use to wrap burritos in. It's clearly not heavy-duty Reynold's wrap. It's like, thinner and more maleable (and also impossible to pull off a burrito in any sort of easy way).

And after a few seconds of dwelling on the physical characteristics of my burrito foil, I started to wonder if burrito foil is the same kind that hair salons use for highlights.

Which then made me wonder if there's maybe some sort of store that exists specifically for that cross-over demographic. You know, like Rick's Burrito and Beauty Supply Store or something.

I would totally shop there.


  1. i was wondering if you were going to post this. i know for me, it seems like things are just clicking along, i'm getting in the groove, no major trauma, and just when i get a good energy going and am feeling good WHAM!! all hell breaks loose and i'm left, crumpled in a heap, thinking "why am i under attack??" that saying of bad or good things coming in threes isn't so off. i don't know why it works that way, but there it is. i'm sorry that you are sad and that your energy is being sucked up by it. hopefully you'll get the three good things soon, and your energy can be put to better use, like opening the cross-over foil store!

  2. You can feel like hidin' out behind being sad--for good reason--but then the last paragraph and line come along and "Oops! There she is!"

    It's the indomitable human spirit (your true Self). Dang, it's tough!

  3. Take all the time you need to get your groove back. We'll all be here waiting!

    Burritos make everyday happier. And you know what goes good with a burrito? A martini.

  4. The healthy eating / exercise wagon is the hardest ride in town! I should know -- I've fallen off and gotten on more times than I can count...

    Sometimes I've learned to RELY on my diet/exercise routine as the only constant in a world of crazy.

    Hang in there.
    Oh - and I've been lurking for a while and I really like your blog.

  5. Of course still here! As for the burrito/beauty bar, I am glad that my mind is not the only one that drifts off on tangents like that.

  6. Ha! I would totally shop there, too.

    Am sending hugs your way. Okay, virtual ones via the internets, but you get the point.

  7. Burritos are a good way to go...

    Although, and I am corny, so you have been warned...I really like to sing to myself when I'm sad. (but I also don't have a radio in my car...) My "theme song" last year, "Oooh Child"...so good.

    Feel better and sending good thoughts your way. You're fabulous.

  8. if you can force yourself to go to the gym, even for 10 minutes, it might help (gradually).

  9. there's definitely something in the air lately....
    life's been weird for a lot of people i know.

    but you're the only one i "know" who would make the burrito-highlights connection.

    i needed that laugh!

  10. i hear you. i went through some stuff, too. i was on auto pilot for a while, too. sometimes i didn't eat, or i would forget to eat, and i would just sort of stumble through the day. i think everyone goes through it.

    and burritos go good with corona, and i have noticed that about the foil, too. bizarre.

  11. I can solve at least part of the mystery-I used to work in a salon. The foil there is regualr Reynolds Wrap---but they make it in a special size specifically for, well, foils.

    Can't tell you about the burritos though.

  12. burrito foil is merely a cheaper knock off of "real" aluminum foil, comes in sheets rather than on a roll, and is sold for commercial use.

    *sayeth the former mexican food restaurant manager*

  13. Have you ever seen that store on the corner of Valencia and 18th that is a beauty salon/pet supply? It's all about diversifying. I saw a hearse the other day that said "We deliver pizza's too" on the sides. Hope you're well! Look forward to b'day plans.

  14. The burrito foil is available at Costco... Yes, thinner. Yes, single sheets. (like tissue).


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