Old Grandad

I love my new site design. It's real and it's me and it's nice and I feel like I'm a writer now, even if nothing changed but a template.

Yes, a writer.

And even though I'm at the office today, I will soon leave and feel like me again -- the unstifled, writer me -- and I will meet up with Ish at the bar.

And there, with the sports games on all around me, I will play trivia and I will drink Old Grandad and if I am lucky I will WIN a LOT and everyone in the bar will wonder where the hell that bourbon-drinking blond came from and how she knows all those answers and I will know that it's because I am, among many other things, my father's daughter.

And I will be just a little obnoxious (but a lot of fun) and I will toast.

To my dad. Who would've been 64 today.

And then I will cry.


  1. Love the new design, it really does seem a little more "you"!


  3. Here's to you and your dad... Love ya, fast fingers! xoxo

  4. Ericha2@comcast.net6:06 PM, June 22, 2006


    I know how hard it is...the first birthday, the first Christmas, the first everything. As you know from past experience it will get better with time. Until then, remember that so many of us IIF's feel your pain and sympathize with you and are here for you if you need us.

    I'll raise a glass with you later tonight. Slainte!

  5. love the new template.

    and i feel like all your IIFs should toast to your dad too. i will.

  6. >>I am, among many other things,
    >>my father's daughter.

    Oh, yes you are!

    And the three of us are/were Cancers, bourbon drinkers and storytellers!

    love you honey

  7. If I had read this before I headed to the bar this evening, I would have raised up a toast. So, as I drink my last beer of the night in my condo I say, "Thanks Dad! Thank you for helping to create a wonderful woman who entertains hundreds (if not thousands) of people on a semi-daily basis with her stories of breezy elegance. Her IIFs and her RLFs appreciate it and say 'Cheers!' to you."

    I've never met you, probably never will but you have all my love and support tonight. Good luck at trivia! :)

  8. Here's a tipple of the Old Grandad to Kiki's Dad! May Trivia be his eternal rest.


  9. Cheers. He left quite a legacy.

  10. i think the design is really nice!

  11. Kristy:
    I suck for finding out through a jaunt through your blog.
    My memory of your dad is of a strict, but genial pub quiz patron, patiently informing me that I had (yet again) calculated his team's score wrong. I thought he would go easy on me for being your friend, and I think he *was* going easy on me, I think. Nonetheless, I scurried to correct the error.
    And a certain story you told me about him once.
    I'm sorry, he was pretty damn cool.

  12. Being the youngest girl of three - by a long shot, they are 14 and 16 years older than me, and having lost my father recently, I understand. Being your father's daughter is a good thing. Revel in it, it's not trivia - it's extraneous knowledge that you have. Others are jealous.

    Cheers to you from a bourbon drinking brunette in Portland, OR.


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