the paaaark...I think it was the Fourth of Juleyeeyeeye...

Alright. Every year I make a big deal about my birthday, in part to make up for the number of lousy ones I've had, and in part because hi. Me me me me me me me.

So, because this year is no different, I am struggling to figure out what to do and when to do it.

My actual birthday is on the 4th of July. (Oh yes, I AM a Yankee Doodle Dandy, and I will remind you of this by SINGING SO. Possibly many, many times throughout the birthday celebration. Also possibly while inebriated. You know.)

I DO want to combine it with a blog party, and just have one big ole' get-together that involves silliness. (Duh.) However, my schedule and your schedule and my non-II Fs' schedules are impossible. So what do I do? Should I pick:

* Saturday, July 1

* Monday, July 3

* Saturday, July 15

I would LIKE to do it closer to my birthday, (like the 3rd), but will everyone be away or traveling or busy? The 15th might be clear for all, but is that too late?

Help! Please send feedback!


Every so often, El_G would go on something of a rant about how, evolutionarily speaking, human beings got awfully short-shrifted. He would declare (and I'm paraphrasing) that it's a REALLY GOOD thing that we grew big brains and an affinity for technology, because otherwise we would have been wiped out pretty much right after we managed to stand upright.

Take, for example, the fact that the male reproductive organ is basically just hanging out down there, completely exposed and ready to be bitten off by some wild animal. I mean, thankfully we were big-brained enough to invent pants. But still. (I wonder how many years it took man to invent athletic cups. I'm guessing longer than it took man to figure out that he really likes throwing things at other members of the species.)

Anyway, my stupid point for the day is this: I have a VERY HARD TIME believing that Mother Nature has any sort of acceptable explanation for why humans have an evolutionary need, while under stress, to break out in zits.


  1. Um, technically speaking, humans are not the only males to have external genitals, but they seem to be the only ones who wear pants.

    I'm just saying.

  2. and what's worse... is that those zits continue into your 40s... even while you're also battling gray hair and wrinkles!!!

    or maybe that's just me.

    as for the celebration of all things kiki... all those dates are good.

  3. You're sooo lucky...

    My grandfather had his birthday on the 4th of July. And as his entire family was together eating hot dogs, drinking beer and watching fireworks, I used to think that having your birthday on the 4th of July would be the best day ever!

  4. Ericha2@comcast.net2:25 PM, June 16, 2006

    Working in real estate means that weekend afternoons are pretty much always shot. However, holiday weekends rock because no one wants to go to an open house when there are picnics and such to enjoy. So, because I'm selfish and I want to make it to this get together I'm going to vote for the 1st.

    I just hope my SO doesn't have other plans for that weekend.

  5. I vote for the 1st or the 3rd of July. You don't want to do it too far away from the actual day. That's a 4 day weekend for me... you are so lucky to have a long weekend birthday! I'm a Labor Day baby, and I love it!

  6. evolutionary reason for zits during stressful times:

    hmmm...keeping your sexual attractiveness to a minimum so you won't be distracted in the bedroom and you will have more time to solve your stress-inducing problems.

    just a theory.

  7. m,

    that's certainly one possible explanation. however, i'd posture that it would make more sense to UP the attractiveness levels, so as to increase your chances for getting laid (because what better stress reliever is there, really?)...

  8. I'd vote for the 3rd or 15th. 1st is bad for me. Not that my availability matters. ;D

    As I live in the valley, I'm often glad that we evolved to the point to invent air conditioning. It's freaking hot out here today.

  9. I'm sure it has something to do with my sophisticated survival instinct that causes me to spend more $$ on skincare products than on groceries.

  10. human beings haven't been under substantial evolutionary pressure for a long time; most of us survive and reproduce whether we are "fit" or not. Trying to apply an adaptive paradigm to human behavior and evolution doesn't work all that well, and isn't really scientifically sound (though it's fun when you're drunk).

    As for zits, there are a number of possibilities, namely two: Zits had a purpose in the past, but are now evolutinary holdovers (like, say, the appendix) and since they don't tend to HURT us, we don't evolve out of them. OR it's possible that zits are a byproduct of something else (perhaps some aspect of the immune system) and while zits themselves are not adaptive, this other function is, so we have zits.

    -An Evolutionary Biologist who reads your blog

  11. Good point about the zits! I never thought of that!

  12. i don't mind pimples, and i think seattle would be a good place for your birthday party

  13. I vote for the 3rd. Shameless plug - Don't forget to catch the traditional 4th of July weekend SF Mime Troupe at Dolores Park on the 2nd and 4th!

  14. Yeah, pants were a great idea.

    But coullottes (sp?)....terrible.

  15. Good choice of Chicago lyrics.

  16. Since your birthday is 4th of July, it sounds like _everyone_ makes a big deal about your birthday. How cool is that?!!?

  17. Ok, so I know you're probably busy out of your crazy mind right now, but I would like to suggest a book:
    Julie and Julia. Great Memoir of a Blogger just like you.

  18. Zits just prove there is a God. He uses them to humble us.

    The point about our penises is a good one. I have one, and it's out there. Luckily, we have some skin to protect them... until some genius thought of choping that off too.

  19. july 1 or 4 is my vote. I don't get the 3rd off of work :(

    and how about my party? are you & ish coming or what?


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