Turns Out That "Close Enough" Isn't

Let me preface this by saying that I love Medifast.

This is QUITE OBVIOUSLY the best I've done on any "program" since I started this blog. I'm well overdue in providing details anyway, so please check out my latest post on my Review Blog for:
1. An update on how the program is working, and
2. An awesome discount on a starter pack if you'd like to try Medifast out for a month


  1. Yes, I think of a train moving. It takes a while to get going, but once it gets going it's damn hard to stop it.

    Momentum!!! Congrats on the 20, I mean 15 pounds lost!

  2. Kristy - I just ordered my own 4 week program because you've inspired me so damn much. I am so proud of your 15 pounds. I have much more to lose than that, but it would make me feel AWESOME just to have that much off the total!!!

    Please please please keep us updated and know that you are inspiring so many other people!!

  3. I have stopped looking at my judgemental scales. They are like that horrible trainer, or "the bitch" as I like to call her, on Wii Fit, oh Michelle you're a little unsteady, oh Michelle your fit age is 69, cue the sad little wii character. Cow. I have decided instead to create my own scale. I have gone from 'Marshmallow' to "Jelly' to 'Play dough' hoping to one day make it to "Slightly Overripe Peach", a girl can dream.

  4. Good for you! I may be ordering some up soon. What is your husband eating while you are doing this?

  5. Congrats on making the decision to try Medifast, Amber and Dena! Make sure you click over to Kristy's review to use that coupon code :)

    PR Coordinator
    Medifast, Inc.

  6. Amber - I should write in more detail but you ask a good question.

    Ish and I usually eat different breakfasts and lunches anyway, even if we're together. So I stay on plan and he does his own thing.

    Then we BOTH have the "lean and green" for dinner. It's not so restrictive that it doesn't taste good -- in fact, last night he made a fantastic Thai-style shrimp -- and it's very healthy. Naturally, he's lost weight, too.

    Sometimes he'll have a non-splurgy dessert (like pudding or Jell-O) while I have my Medifast brownie.

  7. Everyone slips here and there. The important thing is to keep pushing forward.


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