I'm Totally Famous

By now you're probably sick of me writing about weight loss stuff AND prom stuff, but my entire life has been overrun with these two things (which have NOTHING to do with one another, save for blogging) and so I have nothing ELSE to blog about.

Most of us might want to forget those decades-old prom pictures. The dubious hair and fashion choices. The dubious dates. Not Kristy Sammis. She wants to immortalize them for all time on the Internet.

Think hot pink satin, teal taffeta and sequins galore. Think big hair, mullets and press-on nails. Sammis loves it all. That’s why she created Promtacular.com.

Now, I realize that fame comes with a price, and I'm going to have to walk around all of Napa and Sonoma County with dark sunglasses and a wig on until the media buzz subsides and the paparazzi leave my doorstep. But this price is worth paying if it means bringing you such gems as these:

* * * * *
On the weight loss front, let me just say that I should NOT be weighing myself every day, because it's crazy-making. I mean, on the one hand, I'm really interested in how this diet is effecting me day-to-day AND interested in seeing my progress every day.

On the other hand, the body is weird and effects of weight-loss are hardly ever immediate. This is what I tell myself when I eat less on Friday than on Thursday, yet gain a pound overnight. (The hell?)

So, I'm not planning to publish my actual weight-loss until Tuesday: The One-Week Mark.

That said, I have published an update about how the first five days have gone. You can read it here.

* * * * * *

Hey, P.S. If Promtacular! held an 80s Prom in San Francisco this summer, would you come?


  1. Weighing myself every day has been a good thing for me. That way I'm comfortable with the 1-2 pounds up or down that happen from day to day. If the general trend is downward over the week or month, then I know I'm ok.

  2. I would absolutely come to an 80's prom in SF!

    Good luck on your weight program, you are doing a fantastic job :)

  3. 1. It really does look like her hair is on fire.

    2. I'll bet he really is a handsome boy when he's not wearing white pants.

  4. Getting on the scale every day right now just makes me angry.

    But what wouldn't make me angry? An 80s Prom this summer! Totally there!!!

  5. yes i ABSOLUTELY would come! and really because my prom (having been in the 90's and all) wasn't nearly as awesome and hilarious as all the promtacular! photos!

    <3 your blog kristy.. and your twitter.

  6. Love, love, love your blog! I so admire your writing voice.

    PS: Looks like a typo snuck in on your link announcing that Promtacular! was featured the the newspaper: the R is missing from Promtacular. Only saying something because I like to know.

  7. I would definitely get a babysitter & come to the 80's prom in SF. You have to do it!

  8. I might even come to an 80s prom in SF, and I live in Portland!

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