Did I Tell You I Was Kind Of A Big Deal?

So I know you were all, "Kristy, you cannot possibly top having Promtacular! featured in The Napa Valley Register ABOVE the story about the potluck!"

But you guys. My star is on the rise.

Friday, March 26, at 1 p.m. Pacific / 4 p.m. Eastern, I am going to be the featured guest on an internet radio show called "Women Are Not Funny."

The show is hosted by the inimitable Kay Ballard, who you can read about here or follow on Twitter @kayballard.

I am certain you were wondering how you might have an opportunity to not only READ about me talk about myself, but actually get a chance to HEAR me talk about myself, were you not?  Well, here is that special opportunity you were waiting for.  You can actually listen to the show in real-time (Lord only knows what will come out of my mouth; I apologize in advance) by calling in:
Phone # to Dial: 757-201-9725 

Use Conf ID: 550702

The info is also at the site linked above.

In case that wasn't enough of me (as if such a thing even exists, HA!), after the show the recording will be available for download. It'll be like my blog in .mp3 form.

I'm telling you. If I get any more famous I'm gonna have my own show on HGTV.


  1. Congrats! This is so cool.

  2. You are funny and famous. If I can I'll listen to your show. If you get a show on HGTV maybe you could get me an "in" on winning one of those houses. I try all the time...ah well. Have fun today!

  3. HGTV??? No, no, no...go for your own reality tv show. Since we have all become a nation of voyeurs, a reality show would be all the rage as a platform to showcase your...life & talents.

    I just found your blog today (and so happy I did) because you wrote to us through Flickr about Prom photos. I think the "Promtacular" article in the paper is da' bomb. Congrats! How cool is that!


  4. Since this is the last post on Promtacular, I put my question here: Is anything wrong with the site? I get a malware warning when I try to access it.


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