Jane Was Here

A few hours of extra time magically appeared before me this evening, and I have chosen to use them to delve back into emails I received and haven't yet replied to. Some dating back a very long time.

Over a month ago, a friend and former coworker of mine sent me an email I didn't know what to do with. I read it, opened the link, closed the link immediately, sobbed, shuddered, and stepped away from the computer.

My internet circle has been fraught with stories of premature babies.  And sadly, for every hopeful and healthful story about a preemie (Yay, Jonah!), there are the many others.  I won't lie -- I feel entirely emotionally unequipped to handle the subject matter even a little.

But you know?  Since today I had the luxury of worrying about my daughter's future self-esteem, I realize that the very least I can do is acknowledge those parents who don't get that luxury and consider myself lucky every second of every day I get to spend with my child.

Here is Liz's email:
This blog is written my my sister Sue's college roommate, Tia. http://ourgirljane.blogspot.com/

She had a difficult pregnancy, was hospitalized and gave birth last august to a 3 months premature baby girl named Jane. For the last 6 months, their family has been on a roller coaster of trying to maintain a normal life for their daughter, work, trips to Boston to the hospital. Well. Jane's lungs never did develop properly and last friday she passed away. She never got to come home.

...you can read the blog and cry too, but her request was that people near and far who were touched by her story, to send a card saying "Jane was here." to:
Tia McCarthy
5 Winter Street
Montpelier, VT 05602


  1. Kristy, now I'm crying at the office! That was heartwrenching! I am so thankful for my 7 month old g-baby boy and his health. Jane has now been to Seattle ... in my heart. Thanks for sharing. I guess every post can't make me laugh.

  2. How strange - I use a discussion board that she's on, and I followed the story there. Odd to come here and see what was all over that board so recently: Jane was here. Poor little girl, poor family. Such a heartbreak.

  3. Oh, wow. What a powerful message.

  4. Thank you for posting Jane's story, Kristy. I cannot even think about them without crying, but I know those postcards are helping them heal. Anyone who can spare the moment to send one should know they are helping in some small way. Thanks so very much to you.

    Jane was here again today. I have to go buy a postcard.



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