Pirate Booty Is Only Skin Deep

i love the internets.

here is an email i just received:
Hello, This is a little irregular for me. My nephew watches the foodchannel he saw a show on a snack called Pirate Booty. I can't findanyone that seen it. So, I put it into my search engine and your blogcame up. Can you tell if you have eaten this product and where I canfind it? Also, does it have a makes name like cornflakes is a kellogproduct thanks in advance if you can help.


how awesome is that? i mean, i replied, saying that i have tried the Pirate's Booty snackstuff and that it's pretty darn good and that i found them at the local Safeway here in SF.

i did not bother to mention that i am not, in general, known for giving snack-related advice.

perhaps i'm missing an opportunity here.


  1. Awesome, indeed.

    Although...am I terribly bitchy for wanting to send your snack food advisee a copy of "Hooked on Phonics"?

  2. ROFL Maybe you should add a new segment to your blog...

  3. Oh I love the Pirate's Booty! I saw it a long time ago on the Rosie O'Donnell show when she was promoting Weight Watchers. Apparently Pirate's Booty is zero points, so I had to try it (and can totally eat a whole bag at one sitting!). Now I'm addicted and buy it at all the grocery stores. Trader Joe's sells a knock-off brand that's really cheap and tastes the same.

  4. I have also seen it for sale at many a Jamba Juice.

    Perhaps you could call this segment, "Sensible Snacker"?

    Love, love, love the Internet.

  5. Jamba Juice sells Booty. Pirate's that is.

  6. Trader Joe's has all the flavors as well...in addition to a million other wonderful snacks that I'm hopelessly addicted to...I probably shouldn't be giving snack advice either though... :)

  7. I've totally been looking for somewhere to buy that!
    My sister and I used to babysit the cutest child ever and his mom gave him pirate booty as a snack.
    We couldn't get over a 3 year old saying, 'can i have some more booty?'

  8. I hope you warned "V" that there must be crack in the Pirate's Booty as well. Can't get enough of that shit.

  9. Yep - Trader Joe's is the place to go.. and they have the spinach one too.
    Yum, yum.

  10. Speaking of blogs and search results, my blog ends up in the top results of "dodge ram vs. uterus."

    Go figure. I mean... I referred to dodge rams being boy cars in one entry, and in another rant I blogged about my uterus being mine and only mine. who'dathunk they'd be stuck together forever in the world of google?

    Sometimes it's dangerous to look at your stats. ;)

    I'm anon, but that's just cause I don't feel like entering my info. I'm lazy and it's monday so I'm allowed.


  11. Ericha2@comcast.net4:12 PM, March 13, 2006

    FYI...as a past Weight Watcher I wanted to let you know that it is no longer zero points. I don't remember what the actual point value is but there was a big to do about it at the time cause people were eating it like it was air and it was actually packing on points.

    Anyway...my $.02.

    Oh, and Trader Joe's Rocks my world!

  12. my favorite link to me has been a google search for "do bananas really constipate". Apparently my blog comes up before any actual clinical information.

  13. my favorite five year old runs around yelling, "booty, booty, more booty," and "I LOVE BOOTY, give me booty! My mommy has the best booty, my mommy only gives booty to people she loves!"

    the pirate/ veggie kind of course. i can't say i'm not amused....

  14. Someone on Salon.com wrote an editorial about pirate booty and its relative, veggie booty, being crack for toddlers. Search there and go buy at Trader Joe's.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Well I'm curious which search engine she used. This is funny. Now you're not only a genius writer, marketing guru, stand-up comedian, established singer/musician, but also...a nutritionalist. I think you're on your way to being an Oprah protege like Dr. Phil!

  17. They also carry the Booty at Shaw's and Stop & Shop, if you shop mainstream...lol.

  18. I LOVE me some Pirate's Booty...

    I guess this is what happens when you mention booty and the Flying Spaghetti Monster in your blog.

  19. Which movies are pirates' favorites?

    the ones rated RRRRRRRRRRgh.

    haha. :) (you know who thought that one was pretty good x)

    Hi Kristy.

  20. I love the booty as well. When I had my braces on, I used to eat pirate's booty all the time because I couldn't eat popcorn.

  21. you can find at Trader's Joe's their version of Pirate booty - its just as good!


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