The Best Part Of Working From Home?

All the help I get!

(um, blurry because it is hard to balance a camera AND a cat...)


  1. sherrrrrrlock!! ki-iy ki-iy! kiss!

  2. Daaawwwwwwwww! He/She is so damn cute. They do the same to my wife while she's trying to study for her exams... usually satisfying their scholarly urges by settling down on her open books... I don't have a picture of them doing that, but you might like these...

    Have you ever seen anything so cute?


  3. What is it with cats and the laptops??

    I just got mine (laptop), and the kitty crackheads do the same thing.

    It's only marginally less intrusive than when I'm trying to type something I've hand written, but can't see around the CAT ASS sitting on the paper.

  4. i'm sorry, but that is TOO cute...

  5. Looks just like my Dobby Kitty who loves to help with the computer too. Is he/she a Russian Blue?


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