Picture Of The Dress

so i thought i'd take a moment to show you the dress i wore to the wedding, since i've made such a big friggin' deal about buying the damn thing.

sort of it looked like this:

as i said, in the end i found one that suited me pretty well. it was a little long for my body (i'm only 5'4" and when i wear long gowns i feel like i'm playing dress-up), but it had many key ingredients that made up for its length:

  • it had sleeves. this allows for me to not have to feel self-conscious about my arms. also the sleeves had a flowy bell shape at the end, which i think is flattering on everyone.

  • the neckline was low, but still made for someone with breasts. (this is remarkable since usually when there are low necklines, the dress is tight on top, and forces the boobages to, essentially, pop out of the neckline all over the place. and not in a sexy way.)

  • the whole thing was black (not shown here) and in a jersey material, which is soft and not clingy.

  • it was slightly loose, so i didn't feel all stuffed into the thing.

  • the flouncy frilly parts weren't overdone, they just helped mask some of the less flattering parts of the body.

all in all, perfectly acceptable.

now, if i could just convince one of my friends to get married in another 6 months or so, i'd have great incentive* to buy a dress in, say, a size 10.

*because yes. all my friends should be getting married just so i can have events to wear dresses to. duh.


  1. The dress looks excellent, and as always I LOVE your drawings.

    Also: just thrilled out of my mind that you're back and blogging. missed you!

  2. Since you mentioned the wedding again..how about sharing what you gave the virginal couple for a gift, or for a shower gift? And not the golden shower, just regular.

    Also, what song did you sing??

  3. food for thought... your drawings are hilarious and make people laugh and love you. You are developing a stand up routine... could you use props in your routine, i.e. blown up versions of your computer drawings?! Maybe that would just come off weird on stage, but maybe you could integrate it somehow...

  4. anon 9:40,

    i have not yet gotten the couple a wedding gift, though i did get them a dremel tool as a shower gift.

    because what couple can't use a dremel tool?

    as for what i sang...hmm. maybe i'll post about that.

  5. Ooh. Understated flamenco. I like it. Glad you found a dress.

  6. For the record, K looked beautiful in that dress.

  7. For the record, K looked beautiful in that dress.


  8. thanks, bride & groom.

    i am now openly weeping at my desk.


    love you guys!!!

  9. Can you disclose the brand of the lovely dress? I'm always on the hunt for makes that will actually fit me....

  10. dear deleted anon:

    smug comments like that are just plain annoying.

    not funny, not insightful, and not worth keeping posted.

  11. dear deleted anon, part two:

    if you want to take this up with me, please feel free to email.

  12. Ok, got it.

  13. Love your drawing. I hope you get a paid blog gig soon, so I'll have more of you to read, but thank God the bad wine company thing didn't work out because, ewww. I'd be so sad if I couldn't drink wine you were blogging for, and the wine sounded awful.

    Wondering what's up with the color of the dress? At first I thought maybe you didn't really like the couple, or maybe thought the marriage was doomed from the start so you picked a funeral color to wear, but that doesn't seem to be the case. So... what? Is this one of those "back to the old region but I've moved on and gotten all sophisticated now" kinds of visits, and the black is to make fun of the wannna-be sophisticates back home who think black at a wedding is oh-so-glam-dahling? And your newly-married friends are in on the joke and don't mind you wearing mourning colors to their wedding because they think it's a riot?

    Whatever the thinking, it's kind of hilarious, in a gruesome/vulgar way. :-)

  14. I love the way you do Blogging..


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