Or Not

from the looks of it, i got maybe a little too excited about the whole Feedster thing.

* * * * *

so what did we think of the oscars? i watch them religiously every year, usually accompanied by my aweome friends' Really Cool Oscar Pool, which goes way beyond asking who will win to get into such details as:

  • what length gown will the best supporting actresses be wearing?
  • who will be the last person shown in the "celebrities who died last year" montage?
  • will jon stewart change clothes during the show?
and such. anyway, lots of fun. even if i am very, very bad at guessing.

special thanks to RiseyP (who is very good at guessing!) and Mr. QA Engineer of the cubits for hosting a lovely, warm, wine-ful evening. yay!

* * * * * *

on saturday night, Ish and i were treated to one of the most fabulous and decadent dinner experiences ever.

i mean, it wasn't exactly lavish. it just had all the elements of perfect.

we got to go to an actual house (v. apartment). and there was a working fireplace. and a dog. and a healthy, delicious meal served in an actual dining room with a lovely spread. there were specialty pre-dinner cocktails, excellent selections of wine with dinner, as well as post-dinner wine selections (from sparkling to moscato). there was very, VERY entertaining conversation.

and then there was the film.

you know how it is when urban, artistic, educated, liberal-minded folk get together for wine and film. inevitably the conversation gets heavy, laden with weighty, post-modernistic concerns about the decline of civilization, the role of celebrity, the perpetuation of gender and race inequalties, and whether or not this is, actually, a cheer-ocracy or if torrance is perfectly within her right to act as cheer-tator.

and there, in the east bay, the four of us unanimously and harmoniously agreed that cheer-tatorship is sometimes the only way.

go toros. B, E- aggressive*.

* * * * * *

finally, i show you Naptime on Mt. Ish.

(he'd decided to plop down for a brief nap; my cats could not resist.)

(click for larger!)

obviously, this was taken with my non-viewfinder-having camera. it only took three shots for me to get it centered, though!

(failed attempt #1)

(failed attempt #2)

*or is that "be, be aggressive?" ah, yes. though we were able to concur as to the necessity of dictatorial leadership when the pure reputation of rich, white, adolescent cheer squads is on the line, one of life's greatest uncertainties perplexed us all. should it be "B, E Aggressive" or "Be, Be Aggressive?"


  1. Lauren in Austin12:00 PM, March 06, 2006

    I think it's "Be Aggressive, B E Aggressive."

    How in the heck did you get the final Mt Ish shot? Did you levitate directly over him? Take the shot while leaping over him?

  2. haha! i didn't even realize how funny that would look.

    my bed is very low to the ground (by which i mean my mattress is on my floor). so i just stood next to the mattress and held my arm out over him.

    in case you're wondering, i WILL be buying an actual bed. someday.

    it's on the list.

  3. Totally B-E Agressive.

    Anything else is wrong.

    And YAY for fun evenings in the East Bay.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I think I spelled aggressive wrong in my first comment...so I'm not going to attempt another.

    Cute cats though!

  6. definitely B-E. It's how you get warmed up for the big B-E, A-G-G, R-E-S-S-I-V-E part.

  7. I think its covered, BE Agressive, B-E-Agressive, B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E.

    And MY favorite line from the movie is, "I got the door Tor!" (by the b/f) and then he gets a kick out of himself and says it again "I got the door Tor!"
    have you seen the new tv show coming out on lifetime, cheerleader nation?

  8. I agree that it's supposed to be B-E so you can slide on into the B-E, A-G-G, R-E-S-S-I-V-E part.

    And the photo: you know there's a website out there called Stuff on My Cat? I guess that photo is "Cats on Your Ish"

  9. Lauren in Austin2:45 PM, March 06, 2006

    I saw the preview for a movie coming out by the makers of "Bring It On." Can't remember the title, but it was about the bitchy world of competitive gymnastics. Best line in the preview: Bitchy gymnastics girl does something extra-bitchy and when another character calls her on it, she says, "Well, it isn't called Gym-nice-tics."

  10. Aww kitties and Ish are too cute! My mattress has a box spring under it, so now I don’t feel so bad about not owning an actual bed, I’m not the only one *phew*. I was too busy working an Oscar party to watch much of the awards so I’ll have to catch up with TiVo, but I did catch Jon Stewart’s quip about Björk getting shot by Cheney and almost died laughing.

  11. Aww I want to sleep with cats!

  12. Ever see the film, The Dinner Game?

  13. feedster is kewl, i like the Sweet Blog o' Mine blog too, happy blogging to all.

  14. your cats are great!!! how cute..

  15. did we ever figure out what feedster is?
    should i maybe not be so lazy, and go look for myself?

    and i'm so glad you posted the "reject" pix. they're hilarious.

  16. I love that scene where Torrance and the other girl's brother are brushing their teeth and alternately spitting in the sink. Truly, one of the most under-rated films of all time.

  17. OMG. Seriously? All this time - like since elementary school - I have thought it was "BE! AGRESSIVE! BE BE AGRESSIVE" - as opposed to the "be" being spelled out. Whoa. Good thing I never tried out for cheerleading.

    Your kitties are gorgeous!

  18. K (or anyone) -

    Do the entries start way down on your screen now? I have a lot of white space between the header and the first entry.


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