You Guys Move Fast!

this is just a quick little note to say that um, hi. no.

no, ish and i are not gettin' hitched.

no, i am not pregnant.

it has been THREE months, kids. that's like, 30 seconds in boy time. seriously!

no, my stupid "grand announcement" is how much weight i've lost this year*, given that that was supposed to be my main goal and the reason i started this blog.

(you should all totally know by now that any "grand announcement" i'll be making will be anything but...)

*like, you know, practically NONE.


  1. Hard to find a normal guy in Sanfran for a girl I bet. Ive been there one time and the place was unique to say the least. Congrats on the weight loss babe, keep up the good work.


  2. , much weight HAVE you lost, then, hrmm??

  3. Whew... I was worried.
    Was I worried?

  4. Marshall,

    Whyever would you think that Kristy is trying to find normal guys? She's got better taste than that!

  5. Marshal-I don't know what you consider "normal" but most people don't come here to find that. We're usually running away from "normal", which I equate with mediocre. How utterly boring and non-creative.

  6. Too bad. I had already started knitting the dresses.

  7. Good for you!!

    Just don't celebrate with chocolate cake, like I do.

  8. If you pretend you're pregnant, you can eat all you want. Maternity wear is so forgiving.

  9. we will miss you!

  10. Oh, spill the beans please! I've been reading your archives and realize that your weight loss journey has kind of taken a back seat. Not to say that's bad. You've had lots of other interesting stuff to blog about.
    Still curious about how you're doing. You mentioned going to the gym a lot and eating better so that's a great thing. Congrats! (still wishing I figure out how to work regular exercise into my life)

  11. Marshal, if your pic is any indication, I shudder to think what "normal" is to you out there in Carrolton, Georgia! A quick internet search told me that McGee's doughnut shop is about the most exciting thing in yer neck o' the woods!

  12. i like normal. it's hot.

  13. oh wait, so lemme see if i've got k's decision all figured out...hrmmmm, she decided that any criticism that is directed specifically at/to her would be deleted from this section of her blog but any criticism that is directed from comment poster to comment poster would still be ok for publication?

    yeah, that's what i carry on then, oh loyal-yet-faithful-lovefesting-imaginary-internet-friends-to-kristy-sammis-in-san-francisco, carry on and try and justify putting someone else down by saying that you know k in real life and you've got the right to do it or saying that someone's gotta shoot those d*&$^# assholes down -- the ones who can't really say anything nice...oh wait, wait a second, you're gonna say THAT'S what I am, now, aren't you?!? --

    then if that's the case, i've made my point perfectly clear.

    'nuff said.

  14. Speaking up for Kristy ...

    she's on vacation. She's probably not checking her blog, so at the moment, she's sort of enforcing no policy what-so-ever.

    But way to think the worst of people!

    I am also baffled as to what you consider to be an insult in this thread. Someone said normal is boring .... but since there isn't anyone here named "normal" I'm not sure exactly what yer bitchin' about.

    Just needed a place to vent, and complain?

  15. Ah here we go again, Serrephim pipes up and lays it straight for the rest of us.

    Funny, Serrephim, you've been guilty of the very thing I mentioned earlier, and now you act like you have no clue what my point was/is. Go ahead and think what you want, the record stands for itself.

    And no, I'm not here to vent and complain, I was just merely pointing out the obvious and lookie here, you replicated and validated it with your own response.

    Look in the mirror, Serrephim. Yeah, it does smell like b.s. in your corner.

  16. oh and uh, *knock*KNOCK*knock, Serrephim, read what "hatesnormalguys" said to Marshal and get a clue or pick a nose or do something but definitely snap yer head outta yer righteous arse, it gets old after awhile.

    funny thing is, you won't get it and others who read this will. there's the joke for ya.

  17. See, I think being called normal is the insult ... so, I didn't take hatesnormalsguys post as an insult. I took it as a joke on the subjectivity of the term "normal"

    But thanks for playing!

  18. keep it up, serrephim, it's your reflection staring right back at ya in the mirror or rather, I guess it's your arse considering your selection of photo for self-description and all.

    like i said, you won't get it then, you don't get it now. you really ARE daft!

  19. You're awfully angry, aren't you?

    So, ok.

    Let's try something.

    What's your interest? What is it exactly you want from Kristy, and her blog? Can you articulate it?

    If you would simply like an open forum to comment upon the conspiracy to silence you and any voice of dissent, or anything else you might like to write about, I would like to respectfully suggest you click this.

  20. hatesnormalguysevenmore3:52 AM, November 19, 2005

    Ok, I'm "hatesnormalguys" and the reason I posted what I posted, which seems to have gone over all you "anon's" heads, is that Marshal started the insults by saying "hard to find a normal guy in SF for a girl I bet"...and that is not only insulting to the men here in SF, it's also stereotyping and generalizing. Why do I have the suspicion that all the anon's that have now attacked me and Serrephim, probably are the same it you Marshal. If not, didn't Marshal open himself up for those responses, by making the statement that he did? Was it even necessary? Whatever! You "normal" guys and those who claim to think you're sexy..should just keep to your normal lives and not judge others. If you're going to, then be prepared for the backlash. What is normal? It's what you are comfortable's your "norm". So why don't you just stick to your own little normal crowd in Georgia or Alabama or Mississippi and do your own thing....oh, but that's right, you don't have anything better to do out there in "normalville" other than to see what people are doing in other places and then judge them because deep down, you wish you actually had an interesting life of your own.

  21. see serrephim, there you go again, it's all about you, right?

    god. get a clue, will ya?

    i'm here to read k's blog entries.

    will you just shut up already??

  22. and to think this all started with some other person stating something that seemed to be facturally correct...and then, of course, one of k's special friends, aka serrephim, just had to pipe up and speak her piece of mind.

    seems like the first poster might not be the angry one around here.

    so it seems.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. actually, I think this all started because you accused Kristy of being elitist in her decision to erase certain comments, but not others. I pointed out to you that Kristy is on vacation. She left before the comment that offended you was posted. She probably still hasn't seen it.

    So, your accusation was factually inaccurate. But you still haven't acknowledged that, have you? Instead you are ranting at me for reinforcing her decision - I'm not sure what you want me to do (other than shut up, which isn't going to happen unless Kristy herself asks me to stop commenting) ... should I call her on her vacation and ask her to come delete a comment because you think it's insulting to someone else?

  25. my god, could all of you people be any more annoying?

  26. This is supposed to be Kristy's blog. She CAN do whatever she wants with it.

    And Kristy does have friends, who actually know her, in real life, and we IIFs can't pretend that we are the same as her friends. She doesn't owe us anything. Though, of course, I'm hoping for lots more entries. :)

    There are millions of blogs out there...Why waste your time being pissed off when you could easily find other blogs to love, or even be the king or queen of your own blog?


  27. serrephim, why don't you just go back and see for yourself all the other times you and others have attacked other posters on this forum. not just this once in regards to k's most recent post, but several times before.

    it's like, i dunno, you get off on it. then again, having seen your website, there's a good possibility of such, hrrmm?

    my point stands. yeah, even when k comes back, she'll not be able to explain why, in the past, she's allowed herself the privilege of deleting negative comments that were posted about HER but also allowed other posters like you to criticize other posters in this forum.

    yeah, now that i think about it, it really does sound elitist to me...and to others.


    still smells like b.s. around here, serrephim, maybe you need to wipe next time, hrmm dear?

    well, it's a thought anyway.

    go on now, run along, that's it, find a dog or something to distract you...

  28. my point stands. yeah, even when k comes back, she'll not be able to explain why, in the past, she's allowed herself the privilege of deleting negative comments that were posted about HER but also allowed other posters like you to criticize other posters in this forum.

    The explanation is very simple, though it seems to be beyond your capability to grasp:

    It's Kristy's blog. Unlike the U.S. government, she is under no obligation to grant anyone the right of free speech.

    If you don't like that, you can start your own blog, and conduct it however you like.

  29. interesting point made in an otherwise uninteresting sea of childish attacks. some people know K in real life and others don't.

    those who do feel the need to jump to her defense very quickly. sometimes too quickly. and sometimes, like now, they feed the fire.

    thing is, maybe the real life friends need to come to terms with the idea that (1) this blog isn't that private, ie, lots of us found it via craigslist and (2) in this comment space, you're on equal footing with IIFs.

    we all read kristy's words and comment on what she wrote. the fact that you see more to the words than what is written because you know the author doesn't mean that the rest of us aren't entitled to simply comment on what's written.

    without being told off.

  30. Sickofthefighting. You have a good point. I do know Kristy, perhaps not as well as others but there is a protectiveness there, at least for me, towards my friends, family, co-workers etc. Your point is well taken and I don't mean to fuel the fire but if you have that protective nature already, it's hard to let it go. I try not to fuel the fire but just "get her back" so to speak but I'll think twice about what I have to say from now on when I do feel the need to stick up for her. Shit, it's not like she can't do it for herself! Sometimes, like in this case, it wasn't just about sticking up for Kristy, it was also about sticking up for the many men, straight, gay, young, old, white, black and everything in between whom I have grown to love over 20 years of living in this City and it hurt me to hear somebody, who may have only been here on a short visit, put them down. It's just in my nature to defend the people I know and love, no matter who they may be. Again, your point is well taken, and I will keep it in mind. As well, I hope other posters will keep in mind that they may be hurting more than Kristy when they make the comments they make and it does make it worse if they don't know her/us.

  31. Shull you're being too forgiving. The very first comment here was "Hard to find a normal guy in Sanfran for a girl I bet. Ive been there one time and the place was unique to say the least". That was a direct insult from some from some guy in Georgia with pic of himself with some mask/helmet on who looks like a freak himself...but not in a good, interesting freak way. You don't need to defend your response to him! Have you been to Georgia? You have to wonder why someone like him spends their time commenting on this blog. Well, no you don't...we know why.

  32. Oh...and works for Pizza Hut. Need I say more.

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