Where Has All The Blogging Gone?

what the hell is wrong with me?

i have about a hundred zillion little stories to write. a bazillion and one thoughts on uh, hi, weight loss as we approach the weight-defying Holiday Season, as well as a grand announcement. (gosh, are you so totally excited?)

and yet here is my blog. mostly barren. bereft of new tales. because what have i been doing instead?

i don't know! working? writing? comedy-ing? dating? i have no idea where the time has gone, but it's slipping away and it's starting to freak me the hell out.

also? you should see my apartment. it's utterly terrifying. i honestly have no idea why men don't leave me more often. seriously, we've passed the point of "oh, her mess is endearing" and entered the disheveled realm of "really? you're okay living like this?" not that ish has said this, of course, but there's no way he's not thinking it. and the truth of the matter is, i am NOT okay living like this.

hey -- let me ask you guys a question. did some time-stealing bandit / wizard / dark overlord / beastly creature thing maybe come in and like, steal about three weeks worth of time from you?

because honestly, i'm ready for it to be halloween in another week or so.

okay. for the record, i have entries in the works about the gym and holidays and weight loss and what bad men say and my Fear of Commitment (aka "boyfriend") and family and all sorts of things like my first OPEN MIC (ohmygodthereisnothingonearthmoreterrifying). so yeah. stay tuned, okay?

or not. regardless, i REALLY have to get to cleaning my apartment now.


  1. OMG...you're not gone! WOW. I had ALMOST stopped checking your blog. I thought you must have contracted Avian Flu or something.
    EVERYONE knows weight gained from mid-NOV (no...from Halloween) till JAN doesn't count!

  2. Haji's right about the weight thing...and if I recall, didn't we get some good blogging from you last time you attempted to clean your apt?

  3. Where Has All The Blogging Gone?

    what the hell is wrong with me?

    Your getting ready to close anouther chapter in your book....the crazy book we call life and.....I wish you all the happiness that this world can offer you......I just wish in this short life of mine I had to courage to do the things you do and experiance the things you have .....my Heart will always be with you ........

    Good bye and Good night
    God be with you

  4. Hooray...Kristi's back! I was so worried.

  5. Is your big announcement that you're getting hitched?

  6. Life requires trade-offs--I don't play my guitar nearly as much as I'd like to, because writing fiction is much more important to me. Obviously, there are things more important to you than blogging. Go do 'em and make yourself happy. Blog when you feel like it and have time, but don't let it drive you crazy when you can't.

  7. uh, Kristie? Its called 'having a life'. Don't make yourself feel bad about it. I love your blog and will happily wait a long time for your stories.
    As for things getting out of hand, you should see what has happened to me in the last six months. Both kids are in school now but they're also in activities. Busy, busy. Between working full time and 'having a life' I'm in perpetual state of ; laundry everywhere, some done, some not, some clean but not sorted/folded, clean dishes to put away, mail to sort, phone calls to make, dog to exercise....its all good. As long as you're taking care of yourself and your relationships, that's the important thing.
    Get comfortable with chaos!

  8. i sooooo feel ya on the time loss...
    people, thanksgiving is next week! wasn't it august about a minute ago??
    of course, our balmy sf weather is only adding to my disorientation.

  9. yeah, they stole about 4 months from me... I wonder what evil plan they have for all this time they're stealing...

  10. I wonder what evil plan they have for all this time they're stealing...

    I don't know, but I suspect all the missing left socks are in on it.

  11. I just use my time wisely and blog at work. God, I hope nobody recognizes me.....

  12. Life gets crazy sometimes, we all know it. But I am so looking forward to your new posts! There is some serious time warp issues going on in the universe that I just don’t understand. Some days fly, others crawl, but no matter what each week takes longer than it seems it should to get around to the weekend again, and at the turning of each month I’m shocked and appalled at how much time is getting by without my noticing somehow. Gnomes? As good an explanation as any…

  13. WHERE has the time gone? It's like the time change took it.

    Bastard time change.

  14. see, that's what happens when you decide to allow only a love-fest of comments to be posted to your blogs, there won't be anything that will come your way that will yank your chain, annoy the hell outta ya, and piss you off enough to actually sit down and pen a rebuttal.


    well, then again, what do i know?

    it's called having/living a life. glad to see you really do have one. now my next-door neighbor, on the other hand...


  15. meh. I just figured you were getting a lot of sex. Ish hasn't been blogging much either.

    It's like you both got lives. We'll get over it. really. we will.

    though I was hoping for a pic of HIS refrigerator. Is there nothing but box wine and cheese there as well?

    just curious.

  16. Welcome back! I can't wait for all your new stories... But of course you have to be LIVING and DATING and WORKING in order to have good stories right?

    I do have to say I was starting to draw the same conclusions as "'nilla" above though... Both you and Ish have been suspiciously silent!


  17. how did the apartment-cleaning go? and if you are still inspired, can you come over and help me clean my house?


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