A Note About Deleting Comments

hey everyone -- i'm just returning from a weekend away (details to follow, of course) and wanted to address something that's come up a bunch lately --

since i made the "i'm going to delete negative comments if i feel like it," i have deleted a total of ONE negative comment, and then apologized for that (i had misinterpreted its meaning). i haven't deleted anything else. not about me, and not to or from other posters here.

i'm not sure how to handle negativity towards/among posters, really.

and again, for the record, anytime you see the words, "This post has been removed by the author" it means the author of the comment has deleted it, not me.

in any case, i'm looking forward to sharing details (fun and joyous) of my brief trip (down memory lane)*!

happy sunday!

*and i also thank serre for coming to my defense (she obviously did so with the best of intentions).


  1. happy sunday to you, Kristy--- hope you had a good vacation!

  2. Hello

    Kristy I had posted a commnet that I think was deleted then I read your post about deleting comments I was under the impression that you were bowing out of the Blogging scene Im sorry I didnt mean for it to sound hurtfull of demeaning in anyway nextime I will keep my thoughts a comments to myself.....


    On htat note I hope you have a Great Thanksgiveing and a happy Holiday Season..

    Brian blh1062@yahoo.com

  3. Most of the comments that DESERVE to be deleted come from some off-the-wall opinion that is only remotely connected to the original column. usually and anon commenting on someone else.
    And the plain truth is....since you've been seeing Ish...you haven't written alot thats note worthy.
    Truth hurts.

  4. Welcome back! Now write something funny! :-) :-)

  5. hey haji,

    i appreciate the "honest" feedback, though i'd like to reiterate that i started seeing Ish at the same time i started my new/current job, and can assure you that the job is taking a greater toll on the blog than Ish. most of my previous blog-posting was done during the work day, and i just don't have that kind of time anymore.

    equating my lack of (good) posts with my seeing someone is inaccurate and unfair. hell, when i started this blog i had a boyfriend, and that gave me plenty of fodder.

    i get sad sometimes that i had to take/get a job that sucks up most of my week, but i couldn't stay where i was. i had a lot more time for going out, staying up late, and playing during the day than i do now, but i could barely make ends meet.

    i'm sure you all know how it goes...

  6. Job or no job - - Ish or no Ish - - I still find your posts very humorous - - they make my laugh and brighten my day - - keep up the good work!


  7. glad you had a wonderful vacation with ish!

  8. um, hi! i stumbled on to your blog a little while ago and have been mightily amused, so i just wanted to leave a happy comment, because, i dunno- you can never have too many happy comments right? (also i was feeling quasi voyuer-like by reading and not making my cyber-presence known)
    so that's all, happy monday!

  9. I forgot to factor in the new job...(my bad)Yeah..that makes sense...
    And it's too early for relationship fodder.Go ahead and make something up...everyone else does. (except ME of course....)

  10. Haj...most of the time, I'm right there with you, but don't you think that if K has a new beau and is blogging less, that could mean there's "other things" going on taking up her time? Know what I mean bud? Maybe you and I need to find some o' that too! :-)

  11. I don't blame you for deleting negative comments. I got so sick (literally) of an ex-bf posting trash in my blog, that I made all of my posts restricted to LJ friends. Needless to say he found other ways to trash me, but then I was much less tempted to read something that wasn't on my own blog. So, I am behind you 100% for deleting hurtful or mean spirited comments -- no matter who they are directed at.

    The reason you share a blog or journal is for entertainment. And I don't mean the public's entertainment. I find it fun to read what my friends think of my latest escapade... OK most of them phone and don't post. If someone gets entertainment from flaming another person, then they need to find a better hobby.

    Sure I'm sounding naieve and a bit like Little Mary Sunshine, but really folks, can't we be nice to each other?

  12. BTW - forgot to sign that post about being nice... I was a bit too eager to spread my uhm joy and niceness.

    ~ SK

  13. There are popups on your blog, what's up with that??

  14. saveena-

    you put it so well. this is also how i feel.

    k's more vitriolic commenters (most of whom are far too puerile to understand the words i'm using here) definitely deserve to be deleted if-ever and when-ever she fuckin' feels like it.

    and those of us who know her (virtually or otherwise) and love her can defend her as often, as effectively, or as awkwardly, as we want.

    Note to Trollies: bug. the. fuck. off.

  15. far too puerile?
    good god, let's just demean some more people in here, why don't we, huh?

    but wait, we're leaving out the right-wingers, the liberals, the middle class paycheck-to-paycheck breadwinners, among many other titles/labels that identify in a pseudo sense just exactly who reads k's blog that is posted on the FREAKIN' internet, for god's sake!!

    yes, it is her blog, but it's also posted in a public forum and if she wants a lovefest of chums or IIF's or whoever it is out here in cyberland gushing over her, you're correct, she has that right...but think about it, if that's ALL she's going to get, then this too will eventually pish-out.

    so riseyp, pas auf.

    you'll see.

    in other news, k's right, wash/fold laundry at dry cleaners is as close to heaven on earth as you can get. not that i really minded laundrymats, keeps one grounded in the reality vernacular sorta way, but man, the kids running around like wild banshees really gets me every time.

    every time.

  16. Quit apologizing for removing comments. Its YOUR blog. You don't owe anyone. If at some point we start paying you THEN we maybe we can bitch about content.

    And personally, I don't give anonymous comments a lot of weight anyway. If you want me to read it, then SIGN it.


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