Too Blond

i made a last-minute appointment yesterday to visit my favorite hair stylist.

the last time i saw her, she'd chopped her long hair to chin-length.

last night i walked in, and she was a brunette. it was startling. times, apparently, are a-changin'.

so i decided that maybe my ever-lighter blond was maybe not the right look for me anymore either. and lo and behold, i have gone (*gasp*) back (mostly) to my original, dark blond color. (well, okay, with some white blond and red streaks.) it's kinda cool. love having a new look.

not that anyone at work noticed.

not that this is interesting.

well anyway, i wish that i had had my notebook open last night because my stylist says the funniest things i've ever heard and i totally want to write them all down and recount them. but i think it would just make our relationship a little weird if i, while sitting in the chair with my head adorned in aluminum foil, suddenly burst out a notebook and asked her to speak slower, you know?

so there i was instead, sitting with my head adorned in aluminum foil, listening to her talk to one of her friends (who'd dropped by the salon). trying desperately to remember everything she said.

and failing miserably.

but i will give you the one snippet i do remember, just to let you know what you're missing. it went:

Stylist: we need to find a pair of tevas* to spray-paint white.

Friend of Stylist: for the bridal shower?

Stylist: yeah.

Friend of Stylist: why don't you just use yours?

what? no!

FoS: are they still velcroed to the table?

Stylist: oh, no. i took 'em down because we didn't want visitors asking questions.

FoS: have you even worn them recently?

Stylist: well, the other night when my roommate and i got home from the bar, we thought it would be a good idea to put on our matching onesie pajamas. and then i put on the tevas on over the feet of the pajamas because i thought they'd look cool. and then i busted out my gangster dance.

FoS: oh! yeah, i forgot about that.

right. so you can all now share in my wonderment at my stylist's life. not sure what the velcroing is about, but my color looks great.

*as in the kind of sandal that active people wear. people who are not my stylist, for example.


  1. teva-owner wondering why anyone would velcro theirs to a table??

  2. Okay, you have the coolest hair stylist ever.

  3. Wondering what the table is made of so the Tevas stick? Or are they velcroed to themselves around the leg of the table or something. I’ve had the same pair of Tevas for four years. I walked 15 miles into a music festival on those things once, they’re awesome and they last. And a little pet peeve of mine: it’s pronounced TEH-va not TEE-va (Hebrew word for “nature” doncha know).

  4. Am I the only one who wants to see your hair? :)

  5. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Active people who are not your stylist........OR ME! Is she fat?


  7. I wanna see your hair color too! Also want to know who the stylist is - you should give her props.

  8. gerbil, try:
    They're out there... don't tell anyone that my boyfriend loves his...

  9. that's great, Melissa!! Thanks!! (i'll be ordering some for my boyfriend, too... and i won't tell anyone, either...)

  10. Boys wear footie pajamas?

  11. Yowza, thanks Melissa! Sorry for the earlier yelling, I was in a footie jammie frenzy!

  12. I noticed Kristy!!! Well okay I didn't have a chance to comment.... because of course your-knitting-work-companion who would rather be knitting then herding his work 'cats' was too busy calming down the hissing felines to tell you. Boy, I feel better now, thanks for letting me vent:-)!

    I do have to say I was so nicely distracted during the meeting in which you were playing the role of Vana by how cute your hair looked.


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