I'm Not Offended, I'm An Idiot!

you guys.

don't you know?

i mean, i'd think that by now you'd have guessed.

i didn't take my "weighty history" post down on purpose. i just finally started actually writing it, and then saved it as a draft because it wasn't done, and totally didn't think about the fact that it would mean the post would disappear from the site.

despite the fact that i've written like 200+ posts and -- in theory-- know how this blogger thing works.

i really don't mind the trolls (though i'm not especially good at ignoring them).

and the history post thing is a' comin'...


  1. actually, maybe WE, your IIFs, are the ones who need to do a better job of ignoring the trolls...because what they want is attention... yes?

  2. Glad you disallowed anonymous posts. That keeps the spam down too. Anyway, I enjoy your blog very much so carry on!

  3. you can still post anonymously.

  4. Anyway, I enjoy your blog very much so carry on!

    me too - keep on writing!

  5. gee, how come people with opinions that differ from the majority of comments here have a tough time offering their thoughts without being attacked as trolls? i'm not talking about posts that are simply crude and rude, but a thoughtful "opposing" comment is very often met with a nasty dismissal. i welcome ideas that challenge my perceptions and enhance my knowledge. even if we don't agree with everyone, we can show respect for each other.

  6. Well, if your "opposing" comments are "thoughtful" and you "welcome ideas that challenge [your] perceptions and enhance [your] knowledge," why do you remain anonymous?

  7. k, I knew were tougher to offend than that! :)

    Anon, it's a fine line between offering an "opposing comment" and engaging in a personal attack. Having a public blog is kind of like having a picnic in a park. Sure, strangers can happen by, but that doesn't give them free license to criticize the host. If they find the crowd not to their liking, they should just move on.


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