Moving Right Along

i cannot thank you enough for your tremendous feedback on my weighty posts.

they ARE a bit heavy though, huh?

yeah. and probably more is coming. not sure yet.

but to break it up a little, i thought i'd offer a few things.

if you're feeling a bit melancholy (or would like to), here's a lovely story from one of my first (and favorite) IIF's.

if you'd like something to make you giggle, this should do the trick*.

and if you'd just like something altogether simple and life-affirming, there's this:

(SisterHealy with BabyCharlie who will be 3 months old next week!)

*can i be all YMCrazyBlog-Giddy over the fact that not only did TheComic read these posts, but he (Ish) responded with this?


  1. I love that photo!!!!

    (H, you make a godmother very proud!)

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwww!

    BabyCharlie is absolutely adorable! You must be such a proud Auntie!

  3. Great pic! Can someone define for me what an 'IIF' is?

    I'm guessing 'internet' and 'friend' is in there somewhere...

  4. Can someone define for me what an 'IIF' is?

    "imaginary" is the "i" you're missing.

  5. thanks, K! that's an adorable picture of your sis and nephew!

    oh, and tell ish it's clearly the pigeon's fault...

  6. What a great picture of Sis and baby.

    Ish IS lucky to have found you! He better treat you well.

  7. You've been tagged! (PS, I'm StacyO's friend from Marin)

  8. OMG GOD. Charlie is three months soon? Where has my life gone?

    I swear it was last week I read about your trip to see the baby(who is quite adorable, and I say this as someone who is so not having kids)!

  9. Is your sister a muppet?

  10. I love it when you post family pictures, because as a reader, we *imagine* you and your life as told in your stories. And then it's so awesome to see pictures that make us think about how you and your characters are REAL PEOPLE! This pic just looks so happy...definitely life affirming...


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