When You Eat Bleu Cheese Dressing And Lose Weight, You Win

It's my plan to not weigh myself (much) more than once a week, because I think day-to-day numbers are too volatile. Except when they're lower than expected. Then it's okay.

A couple days after I checked in at minus five pounds, I had re-gained two. I hadn't eaten more or anything, I just think there's always a two pound (more if we're talking about PMS time) leeway in general. So, whatever.

Anyway, things are going along fine in my plan to eat as few carbs as possible. Two weeks is almost up and I have to come up with my next plan, but I have time. I've also decided I'm taking Saturday Night off, to eat whatever I want. Knowing that meal's coming helps me not cheat in the meantime because I know I'm not just denying myself indefinitely.

I've also been very good about not drinking (including passing up a happy hour event entirely and also going to a tavern and drinking Diet Coke). Except last night I had some wine. And you know? It started off innocently enough, but ugh. The great thing about not drinking is how quickly my system resets itself and how quickly my tolerance changes. Unfortunately, this didn't occur to me until it was too late. A couple glasses of wine = total hangover. I feel like complete ass today, and it serves me right.

At least I went to the gym yesterday. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the recumbent bike. Not quite the 8-hour-in-the-gym-Biggest-Loser workout, but better than nothing.

Um, so, you didn't ask, but just because I figure I may as well mention it: I have one super-easy, go-to low carb dinner and one low-carb snack that I couldn't live without.

The dinner is as follows: I empty a package of lean ground beef into a pan, then season and brown it (making sure it's cooked). This only takes a few minutes. Then I add a container of fresh salsa and mix it into the meat, just until the salsa's heated through. Then you serve it in a bowl with -- wait for it -- a giant dollop or two of bleu cheese dressing (I prefer Marie's, usually found in the refrigerated section of the produce aisles). Of course you can add your own fresh vegetables and seasonings, but this way takes about 10 minutes total. The dressing makes this thing.

The snack is cottage cheese sprinkled with Bacos. I know it sounds bizarre but don't knock it till you've tried it. (And FYI: Bacos are vegetarian!)


  1. Hi Kristy,
    I'm currently on a weightloss mission myself. My boyfriend got me a Wii for Christmas, complete with Wii fit board and I love it. I've been doing at least 30 mins of exercise every day ever since. OK, it's not as intense as going to the gym, but it's something, and it's quite fun. I imagine Eve would find the little cartoon people quite amusing too :)
    All the best with your plans! x

  2. Hey, Kristy! I'm getting married in May and started the South Beach diet on Monday. I've lost six pounds in that time, just cutting out the carbs and sugar and I have been eating a lot of good stuff! I'm sure you know this website for low-carb food, but I've tried three different recipes from it and they are all GREAT: http://kalynskitchen.blogspot.com

    The West African Chicken and Peanut Stew with Chiles, Ginger, and Green Onions is KILLER! Very spicy, but oh-so-good!

    Good luck! You are inspiring me!

  3. Like you [& everyone else in the free world it seems], I've been eating low carb in the new year. A hugely helpful tip, especially since I'm also cooking for a large man who wants every starch available, is to make "riced cauliflower" with any kind of pasta dish. Basically - a bunch of cauliflower chopped up really small, covered, & zapped in the microwave for under a minute. I've eaten this at least 4 times in the past 2 weeks in the form of beef stroganoff, mexican chicken & rice casserole, & as a side with butter & pepper. Yum!
    Also; deviled eggs. They are my savior.
    Congratulations on sticking with your diet & cutting some weight already!

  4. I just finished week 1 of Weight Watchers and I'm down 3.2 lbs, which makes me smile.

    I won't judge your cottage cheese & Bacos thing if you won't judge my love of canned beets. (0 POINTS for one serving!)

    You have to do what you have to do to stay motivated. My indulgence is going to be a trip to Sonic on Saturdays at lunch for a burger.

  5. Bacos are veggie? Ha ha ha ha ha.

  6. Good for you!!!
    I finally managed to make my exercise a daily part of my schedule. it involves getting up earlier, which is hard, but then your inner clock adjusts. trying to get 30 mins-1 hr of cardio in somehow. i'm often not in the mood and too tired and blah blah blah.....i've made attempts many times for many years and always dropped the ball. this time i'm just gonna do it. my new approach is to not declare this anything. not a new year's resolution, not a new diet plan....just not mentioning it. i'm just getting up an hour earlier and exercising as matter of factly as i eat breakfast every morning. with the lack of pressure or focus, i'm actually starting to really enjoy it and succeed. we'll see.

    also....have discovered the joy of quinoa, which tastes like a grain and is deeelicious with olive oil, almonds and cranberries or raisins, with a touch or tarragon. sounds like and seems like couscous, a grain-based carb, but it's actually a super-protein. yay! awesomely healthy and filling. NASA thinks so too.

    best of luck and much love,

  7. oh my god my leeway weight is 7-9 lbs, and it changes that much throughout the day. the DAY. I told my doctor this when I was pregnant and had an afternoon appointment instead of a morning appointment, and she just looked at me and did a "I've heard it before, fatty" smile. Then again, she's the one that didn't do a blood test or anything when I gained 70 lbs during pregnancy with a huge family history of hypothyroidism. "Guilt should suffice" was her motto, I think.


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