ANNOUNCING: Most Awesomest Prom Dress EVER! Contest! WIN $50!

UPDATED: Anyone who sends me a prom photo is eligible to win a $25 gift card. One winner will be selected at random. $50 prize will be awarded by vote. See below for details!

I've been galavanting around Dooce's community site and found myself more-than-should-be-allowed interested in people's responses to the Community Question: What did your prom dress look like?

The problem, however, is that I'm not that great with visuals. Describing dresses does not do them justice. I want to SEE them. (This kind of pseudo-morbid fashion snooping is why I've lost several hours wading through the trainwrecks that are Awkward Family Photos.)

So I'm gonna hold a contest here. Oh yes, oh yes I am.

I want you to email me a photo of the best-worst prom dress EVER! And then I will post them all together, and then we'll vote! What could be more fun?

How to Enter
Just email me:
  • Your photo
  • A BRIEF description (maybe one or two sentences - which I will edit as necessary), if you'd like to include some explanation
  • Year, if you're so inclined,
  • What name to use when I post it
  • If you're a guy, you can send your photo, but it would be better if your date's dress was in it
Please promise you'll only send photos that you own and/or are allowed to send. I won't (can't) remove any identifying information from images, but I will only use the name you request.

Send your photos by 12:01 a.m. February 1.

How the Contest Will Work
Once the photos are posted (I'll try to get them all up on Feb. 1), it's up to you to vote for whatever dress you think is the Awesomest.

I'm not entirely sure there are rules for "Awesomest" but I have no doubt that Awesome dresses will reveal themselves as such. "Awesome," perhaps, because of their horrible homemade-ness. Or because of their overwhelming pouffy-ness. Or because of their fabulous accessories. Or, in my case, because of their sequins.

Yes, sequins:
With my BFF on the right, I'm (clearly) the one on the left with the aforementioned SEQUINS. And lace. And pouffy everything. And off-centered sweetheart neckline and complete lack of supporting bra. You can't tell from the photo, but my shoes are also covered in black sequins. Because I could. I blame 1993.

Here again, with my prom date, Jim (IF YOU'RE READING THIS, HI JIM!). Given the amount of sequin, lace, unsupported boobage and CHOKER (at least THAT was totally 1993's fault), it's kind of amazing how seriously I thought I should be taken.

And yet I have no doubt that many of you out there can one-up me.

Contest Winner
Between the day I post the photos and the end of the contest (12:01 a.m. February 14), comments will be open for voting. Please vote for your favorite in comments. (Please only vote for your favorite, "Awesomest" once.)

I will announce the contest winner, the ones with the most votes, on Valentine's Day. Winner will receive a $50 gift card of their choice (provided the gift card can be found at my local Safeway, which most can).

Good luck!


  1. Mine was black lace, purchased from Lane Bryant. I will need to find the photo and post it so you can laugh your ass off at my glasses, which give me a striking resemblance to Jeff Goldblum.

  2. I've so got this. Teal 'mermaid' style, overlaid with black lace, taffeta poofy shoulders, and black taffeta rose on the hip. So hope my parents can find a pic and mail to me in time to scan and enter!!

  3. Woah, he looks pretty old for prom. Just saying. Maybe "mature" is the word. Either way, the oldest senior in the class OR cradle robber.

  4. Laurie & 00Frog - Those sound pretty amazing.

    Anon - He was a couple years older, yes. And one of the sweetest and most fun guys I've ever been with.

  5. So...mine was green and sparkly and made of a material that shall we say made hard to wear supportive undergarments? What no one realized until we got the pictures back was that in the bright sunshine of pre-prom pictures it was also somewhat see-through. That was just *such* an awesome after the fact discovery. Thankfully there were a few pictures in which I appeared decent instead of scandalous.

    (I still have the dress in my closet.)

  6. Damn we don't have prom here in Aus. I do however have a delightful toilet doll inspired debutante dress, from my Scarlet O'hara phase, compelete with electric blue ribbons. Does that count?

  7. Rusty Hoe - ABSOLUTELY! Please just include the background info on it for explanation. (Or I'll just use this comment.) Sounds pretty fantastic.

  8. I cannot enter the contest because I ditched my prom to go on a road trip instead. I just stopped by to say Happy Anniversary!

  9. Just to say I think you look radiant and gorgeous in those photos. Sequins and all. :)

    (My dress had sequins, too! Emerald ones! I feel pretty, oh so pretty...)

  10. Dare I say? Your ensemble was RAD!!!

  11. I don't think your dress is so bad ... also, you have AMAZING legs! hehe :D

    I don't have a prom photo (my dad made me choose to EITHER go to Prom OR to go to the Prom After Party in which my school had rented the local dance club for the evening; I chose the party :P ) but I do have a photo of the poofy wedding dress I wore for my first wedding.... no. I'd rather not be reminded of that. ;)

  12. It's awesome that someone immediately called out Jim on being "a little" older

  13. two comments:

    a) somehow i forgot all about jim. how did that happen, he was around for a good while and there was definitely at least one raucous xmas eve that he factored heavily in.

    b) once again i say a silent prayer of thanks for the tuxedo. can you even imagine what matt would have worn to his 1988 prom if the tux wasn't around?

    by the way, in a funny coincidence, my "word verification" word below is "fousion," which sounds like a rich hall inspired sniglet that has something to do with the topic of this post. or am i the only one who remembers sniglets.

  14. Tell me that dress was a Jessica McClintok / Gunne Sax. Both of mine were that brand, and yes...sequins and satin and fluff galore!

  15. O.M.G. I so wish I could find a picture of the horror show that I wore to prom. It was plaid, taffeta. Yes, plaid and poufy at the same time. Butt fugly it was, and home made to boot. Momma couldn't afford the one I wanted so she made her own version.

    I am pretty sure that picture has been shredded into a million little pieces.

  16. First, your prom date Jim's eyebrows? WIN.

    Unfortunately neither of my dresses were awful. They weren't great, but they weren't terrible, so I don't think I'd stand a prayer here. I'd be embarrassed about the fact that they were not all that embarrassing.

  17. Suddenly I wish I knew where the photo of my sherbet orange asymetrically hemmed puff shouldered dream of a dress was.

  18. Aw, I don't think I could beat that.

    I teach high school and we bring in our old prom photos for the kids to see around prom time. They LOVE LOVE LOVE to look at the ones from the 80's and early 90's. Mine is from '99, so it's true horribleness is probably yet to be revealed.

  19. Oh, you had me at the choker.

  20. I didn't go to prom or anything, but I just wanted to say you looked gorgeous in those pics!

  21. Okay, so you could really have benefited from a good bra, but otherwise, you looked absolutely delicious. Those gams! *swoon* (Nathan describes you as "scrumptious".)

  22. Wow! I am going to send you my pictures with my wife for your contest. You look gorgeous in your dress

  23. Hi Kristy,
    Thanks for sending the picture.
    And the flashback is awesome.That stare is priceless.
    CuzNate-it is nice to be remembered. I miss those Xmas Eves. Last I remember, you were at Princeton. I hope all is well. Sniglets rock. "Fousion"- the art of combining puffy sleeves, cleavage, sequins and a choker into one gorgeous prom moment. My word verification word is "faming". This stuff writes itself.
    Nate- I knew you'd comment. There should be a contest for guessing how much older a "couple of years" is. I bet I win.
    Anon-let's hear it for being a little older! Woo to the HOO!!!
    Meryl-My beautiful eyebrows are a wonderful burden I must bear. It ain't easy being this ruggedly good looking.

  24. Just sent mine. I love love love how fun these things are. Yay to moving past our bad fashion! Also? You looked too cute! :)

  25. I can't believe no one has mentioned yet how much Eve takes after you based on these pictures! Beautiful!

    I had my prom dress made - a red brocade halter style dress. I pretty much made my mom's life a living hell looking for a dress, and when I deemed it IMPOSSIBLE to find one worthy of my senior prom, she enlisted a talented friend to make one for me. Good gawd, I'm in for it if I have daughter someday...

    And to make matters worse, I was prom queen (something I RARELY tell people, it's so embarrassing) and when my "king" and I entered the dance floor to dance our royal dance, they played, "Lady In Red." Que the BARFING.

    ...and now I shall go die for admitting all of this.


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