The Cheesecake Casualty

The low/no carbs thing was going very well until about 4:45 p.m. today (I started yesterday, Sunday) when I got hungry and looked in the fridge and was suddenly face-to-face with half a homemade cheesecake. NOT FAIR. WHO MADE THIS STUPID THING ANYWAY?


Luckily, I have a cappella rehearsal tonight, so before I dove headfirst into the creamy goodness -- which I was so tempted to do -- I grabbed a large tupperware container and started filling it with the cake.

But it didn't all fit.

So...I was just going to leave this one large piece for Ish, but in all honesty, it was slightly TOO large to be considered one piece. And since he's trying to eat better, too, I thought leaving him a giant piece of cheesecake seemed kind of sabotage-y. I want Ish to be successful.

Well! Thanks to my self-sacrifice, the piece is no longer too large!

I justify this in two ways:

1) It was only a small bit of cheesecake, and of all "cakes" to consume while cutting back on carbs, one made primarily of cheese is the best option.

2) The eating of the cake was done in the act of getting it the hell out of my house. I therefore consider it not so much "cheating" as a cheesecake battle wound.

Otherwise, things are going well.


  1. don't be too hard on yourself. besides, i agree! at least you don't have to deal with the temptation of that tomorrow!

  2. Absolutely. Those aren't justifications, those are sound reasons. AND you were thoughtful for Ish, too. Bonus points!

  3. Clearly you were just being a good member of your a cappella group and a good wife. What else was there to do?

  4. I find it funny that we both made a homemade cheesecake while trying to lose weight. Mine is a eggnog cheesecake, and it is so yummy...
    I, however, have been trying to limit myself to 1 small piece per day, as I have no a capella group to share with!

  5. I have often indulged in "selfless eating." Sometimes you have to help others with whatever their goals are at the moment and if that means eating the last of the ice cream, or in your case cheesecake, then you must. Also, as far as I know there is no other way to get the bad thing out of the house except to eat it. Preferably before you attempt to dump it in the trash.

  6. "cheesecake battle wound" I almost snorted my Diet Coke all over my keyboard... I have a Garlic Mashed Potato Battle Wound of my own.

  7. it's CHEESE isn't it? cheese has no carbs... it's the cake. damn cake.

    i'm doing low/no carbs too. i have about seven years of post-divorce depression weight to get off.. so far, so good-ish. sugar isn't my weakness. but we have a fresh loaf of thick sliced bread that calls to me in my sleep to slather butter on it and inhale.

    but i figure butter: that's no carbs. score!


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