BlogHer And My Life's Parallel Universe

It is totally weird and surreal that the huge annual mega-amazing BlogHer Conference is going to happen and I'm not going to be there for it.

It's best this way, I'm pretty sure. I knew I couldn't personally handle being the Conference Manager while a) being this pregnant and then b) with a newborn. The job is far too demanding (mentally, physically, emotionally).

That's why it's a great job.

But I took it a step further. I also decided I couldn't really even GO to the event, "just" as an attendee, with a newborn. Oh, women do it. It's baby-friendly for sure, and seriously -- when are you going to be around a more supportive group of strangers in your life?

I also know, though, that BlogHer is an immersive experience...and I have no idea what kind of post-partum person I'll be. Maybe I'd be totally fine, but maybe I wouldn't, and I decided to just not worry about it this summer.

(Of course, part of me can't help but think that it's impossible that the event can even exist if I'm not there. You know? Sort of like how I am always shocked on Facebook to discover that people I haven't seen since high school ALSO grew up and got older and didn't just freeze in time. Weird!)

In the meantime...I am incredibly touched and honored that last week, BlogHer selected me as their "BlogHer of the Week."

I encourage you all to vote for your favorite blogger as well, because it's really a nice program, and I love that they do it.

Oh, and if you're new here because of BlogHer, hi! I, um, don't know what to tell you. Thanks for perusing, and thank you for supporting what BlogHer does.

And if you didn't think that my post below about the Incredible Journey that wearing pantyhose at 8.5 months pregnant is...well, might I direct your attention to my post about how I'm TOTES THE CONSUMMATE PROFESSIONAL when it comes to wearing pantyhose as a conference manager?

The post was called: My Job, My Ass, And Mysterious Nylon-Eating Ebola and featured this image, among others:

So I mean it when I say I can't believe I won't be at BlogHer in Chicago. The blog posts practically write themselves...



  1. I can't believe you won't be there either. But, I think you made the right choice.


  2. I won't be there, either, but you made a good choice to stay home.

    The pantyhose posts were both so funny.

  3. Oh, I wish you could go! This will be my very firstest BlogHer (read: very first I could afford since it's close to home) and was hoping to at least admire you from a distance. You're one of my favorites :o)


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