Just In Case

Yesterday afternoon I had my regular weekly check-up. There was a slight rise in my uterine protein (words I'd never uttered before yesterday, mind you) but more notably, my blood pressure had risen enough to warrant concern.

For those of you with even a passing familiarity with Bad Things That Can Happen During Pregnancy, you have heard of preeclampsia. It is most commonly detected -- and characterized -- by high blood pressure. So though my blood pressure hadn't exactly "spiked" into the OMG range, I think we can all agree that it's best to err on the side of caution, given I'm due, like, now.

Thus, my doctor sent me to the hospital to have lots of labwork and monitoring done.

Just in case. And just in case my blood pressure stayed up, or got higher, and just in case my labs weren't great, and just in case anything else could be un-good, my doctor said it was possible that this trip to the hospital might result in an induced labor.

So Ish and I (and PinkJaime, who was here visiting for the day) returned home to gather our things for our first official We Might Be Having A Baby Now trip to the hospital.

I would like to point out that my hospital bag was, in fact, packed. (I shall not mention that it had been packed for less than 24 hours. Whatever.)

But so off we went. To the hospital to maybe give birth. Or not.

We arrived and they took more urine --

Ladies, as an aside, if you have not been pregnant before but will be someday, here is something NO ONE told me: you will pee in a cup at every doctor-related office you go, every single time. So much so that I instinctively looked for a cup at our lawyer's office's bathroom a couple weeks ago out of habit. HA!

-- and several vials of blood. I got set up to the fetal monitor again. And a blood-pressure reader that took my levels every 15 minutes.

It was really quiet. The maternity ward up in St. Helena is really small, and very private. It was relaxing, actually, and will no doubt be great when I'm actually in labor. However. Yesterday's visit, with its "you might be here to give birth or you might just go home again" waiting, really kind of sucked.

Thank heaven for Facebook and Twitter.

But sure enough, after a couple hours, I was free to go. The baby's movements are great, there's enough amniotic fluid, my proteins and platelets and whatever else are, I guess, fine. My blood pressure hasn't gone back down, but isn't so scarily elevated as to warrant staying.

So I'm home again. And under what the nurse called "House Arrest."

I should note that prior to being sent to the hospital, my OB determined that my cervic has not budged, and not only has the baby not dropped, she's actually repositioned herself far higher than she's been in weeks.

I go back Thursday for some follow-up testing. In the meantime, I'm watching a lot of Law and Order (Criminal Intent and SVU) and trying to take deap, cleansing breaths...in between stuffing my face with Ish's homemade chocolate-chip cookies.


  1. darn babies. It's always something with them, isn't it?

    Glad that they are keeping an eye on you!

  2. It's usually those girls who cause trouble, before birth and afterwards. Truthfully, though, it is much easier to take care of the baby where she is than when she's born, so relax and enjoy these last few days "alone". Good luck to you!!

  3. You are going to have the baby on the 26th because I deem that a good luck day. Good luck, missy! I will have to knit you something when I know if it is a boy or a girl.

  4. Repositioned herself? She's obviously planning to be delivered through your nose. I mean, your sinux.

  5. Sometimes I shocked by the similarities of my life and yours as reported on your blog. And just random stuff. First you had that post about kidney stones and now today both of us have our preggo BPs up AND love Vincent Denofrio? Is Vinnie on your lamenanted "free-pass" list too?

  6. Girl, do I hear you. This is like.. THE most annoying part of pregnancy. I got threatened with induction today. My due date isn't even til Sunday. Chill, people.

    I'm already planning out the DVDs we'll be watching for the next 8 weeks. I think it's a good time to catch up on Lost.

    I think the chocolate chip cookies will do amazing things to the cervic. Guaranteed. Enjoy your downtime and I am sending you cervic dilating thoughts.

  7. It's not until you give up entirely that there ever will be a baby, and eat a can of Spaghetti O's, that your little girl will decide to come on down!

    Just know we are all here for you.

  8. Loved this line:

    "I instinctively looked for a cup at our lawyer's office's bathroom a couple weeks ago out of habit."

    Hang in there Kiki!! Happy day before the due date to you, Ish and the mini-watermelon!!

  9. Better safe than sorry. But your getting close!!! And I am getting excited!

  10. The baby has just positioned herself high up for a spectacular high dive. When you feel the belly flips, get ready for a big splash.

  11. But is your pelvix still ok. Just concerned about it, since you cervic is tight as a jug and the baby is heading for higher ground.

    Stay down and enjoy the rest...I know every last woman who has ever had a baby or been near one has told you that.

  12. I was induced for this very reason and ended up with a c-section. I hope that you don't have to go through that shit! Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have opened with that. Whatever happens during your birth, once they put that baby in your arms none of it will matter. I hope you still find time to fill us in on it all in the coming weeks. Is that selfish? :-)

  13. oh boy do i remember being on "house arrest" with my second. i had one of those "incompetent" cervixes that just kept taking long smoke breaks when it should have been working. made me want to put it on some sort of corporate performance evaluation/improvement plan.

    good luck!!! and congrats on the blogher of the week nod!


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