Baby Week!

I don't mean in real life, though it sort of feels that way. (Is it me or is EVERYONE having babies?) (Oh, and no - "Marlo" was not one of our names for consideration, but I do like it.)


It's BABY WEEK on the Discovery Health Channel. It's like they knew that suddenly everyone on the interwebs was gonna be popping out kids and decided to show us stuff they thought would be relevant. (I don't actually know how television programming decisions get made, but I wouldn't be surprised if they planned Baby Week around Dooce's due date.)

And...since I'm not awash in hormonally induced bouts of melancholia ALL the time (see dramatic post below, whoa), I have a new project!

Tonight I will be live-Chattering the Discovery Health episode of "Births Beyond Belief."

Did that sentence make any sense to you?

First of all, you have to be familiar with "Chatter." Chatter is BlogHer's very own version of Twitter. You just go to and click on the "Chatter" tab and do what it says. (See that tab in green next to where it says "Groups"? Yeah, down on the page a bit. Click there.)

Chatter is fun because it's full of nice people who aren't bots or dumb celebrities. Fun!

So I'll be there Chattering tonight's episode at 8 p.m. Pacific time. I will ALSO be there tomorrow night (also at 8 p.m. Pacific) when they air the show called... ready for this?...


Duuuuunh duuuuunh duuuuuuuuuuuuhn!

I have not done any homework so I do not know what the show is about, other than what its title suggests. I HOPE that the show will be helpful and informative and great and wonderful and delicate and inspiring. I WANT it to be those things. But I am super skeptical. Interested, but skeptical.

I bought a book all about being overweight and pregnant, and all it did was terrify me into thinking I'd have a far more complicated and dangerous pregnancy than a "normal" woman. And while I understand that there is science supporting such theories, that's just not been my experience.

So I'm left wondering: Is it me? Are there really great (and even grave) differences between the the obese moms and the non-obese? Or is this just a niche that hasn't been explored and, therefore, exploited to death?

Guess we'll see tomorrow.

IN THE MEANTIME, tonight's episode of "Births Beyond Belief," which could also be entitled, "Births That I Will Think Seem Crazy," should be fun. Because when else would I have an opportunity to blog the word yurt?

Hope to see you there!


  1. I'm skeptical about the Obese and Pregnant show, too. I'm sure they will emphsize everything that can go wrong without reporting on all the perfectly normal, healthy pregnancies obese women have.

  2. I'd be interested to know if the obese women were about-to-be-cut-out-of-their-houses type of obese or just obese-according-to-the-BMI-charts type of obese.

  3. I am a big chicken. As a fat girl wanting a baby, I am afraid to watch it. I will just count on you to give me the details.

    But if they say my baby is going to have birth defects because I am fat, don't tell me...

  4. So you have her name picked out? And yes, it absolutely seems like an epidemic of new babies. I'd be willing to bet some of it has to do with the economic plunge last year, and perhaps even the audacity of hope.

  5. I don't have cable but I would totally watch this while Chattering with you if I did!

  6. Have you completely freaked yourself out yet? Been pretty quiet from your corner of the blogosphere. Hmm..


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