Wicked Lasers!!!

I have a real post coming (well, like, dozens of them), but in the meantime, would you please do me a favor?

There are few things in this entire world I could use LESS than a $260 Phoenix 75w Laser Pen, but I can't even think of what they are. Mostly because I don't really know what a $260 Phoenix 75w Laser Pen is, or if it's like, WAY better than a 74w Laser Pen, or what I would ever need to laser with a pen anyway.

But if you see the image -- here, let me go steal it, hang on --

-- you will realize that by voting for me, you will be giving me the greatest gift of all. And that is the POWER TO BURN.

In military grade!

And in green no less! It will match my eyes!

In truth, I cannot imagine a worse person to give the "power of burning" to. But then, you can feel safe that I will use that power for good. Or at least for accident. In which case I will have much to blog about ("What do you mean, do I know how the fire started, Officer? I just-- hey, do you happen to know what a blog is?")

Oh, my. Just think of the photos of the pen! And the lasering! What could be more amazing!?!?

Vote here!

(Um, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can always see this post.)


  1. burn baby burn! i just voted you a big ole thumbs up.
    how long does the voting stay open (it said we could vote every 24 hours).

  2. Um, er. You seem like a really nice person and I like your blog, but the truth is that I am SCARED to think of you and a powerful, wicked laser (whatever that is). What about the cats - I smell singed fur in your future. I'll vote for you if you promise to give the pen to Ish immediately - ok? ;)

  3. Oh no! Aaaargh! I accidentally clicked on thumbs down! I wasn't concentrating. I'm so sorry! And I totally want you to get the lazer pointy thingy too because you could use it like a teeny tiny lightsaber to vanquish spiders. That's what I'd use it for anyway.... I will come back in 24 hours and vote for you again (thumbs up!) so that I can at least undo my negative vote. Sorry again. I am so fucking clumsy.

  4. I can see you now... Burninating the countryside...

    Ok, so maybe that's not as funny right now, considering the state of things to your south...

    But you're winning right now! Yay!

  5. You can vote every 24 hours... but if you have multiple computers available, you can vote on each one of them. My work desktop, work laptop, and personal laptop are all pitching in.

  6. I voted for you at home last night, and just voted for you again on my office computer.

    You are almost at 300 votes so far! YAY!

  7. Yeah, but can we play with it if you win?

    Oh, that sounded WAY less dirty in my head.


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