Wedding Weekend

Hi Kids!

Susan and Steven are getting married on Saturday (this is the wedding I'm helping plan and organize). And since my day today is filled with both work and a fevered pursuit of outdoor space heaters--

-- because the temperature in wine country has taken a sudden, significant downward turn, of course --

I will not be able to post. So you'll have to wait till a little later to be tagged for the 8 Random Things thing.

But I did post a couple things last night (below), so hopefully they'll suffice.

Or, if you're REALLY looking to mess around at work on this lovely Friday, if you click on "photos" above, I have started reorganizing my Flickr page and currently have posted the images from Bemily's VERY DRUNKEN bachelor/bachelorette party. HA!

Lastly, I just wanted to say "Happy Anniversary" to my best friend, Emily, and her amazing husband, Nick. They were married six years ago, also on October 6. Emily has just lost her grandfather, so I hope that amid all the sadness and grieving, she's able to find some joy in remembering that gorgeous, happy day (and the gorgeous, happy family she and Nick have built since).

Love to all,


  1. OOOOOOOHHHHHH, Happy , Happy Anniversary to Emily! Also, it is a travesty that you have that many pictures. I thought you were drunk too you liar.

  2. hey

    I stumble across your blog from some other blog (can't remember now..) and just had to say I love it :)


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