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On the way to Ish's place, I stopped in at the neighborhood liquor store to get some wine to have with dinner. I don't usually go to this place, and the man working at the counter has never seen me before, nor I him.

When I brought my bottle of pinot grigio to the register, I pulled out my wallet and handed him my debit card. And the young Chinese man asked me, in somewhat stilted English: Please see your ID?

I am always thrilled when this happens, especially when someone who could be younger than me asks to see my ID. Because it means that there lies the possibility that this stranger thinks I could, maybe, possibly, somehow still be around age 21.

And that is fantastic.

Oh, ABSOLUTELY! I said, probably way too enthusiastically.

I gave my license to him and stood dwelling on my youthful good looks. Until I saw the sign:

ID required for anyone using a credit card.


But because I was feeling emboldened (well, and wearing pigtails), I wanted to be sure. Maybe it had nothing to do with my card and everything to do with my cuteness. Right?

"You know, when you asked me for my ID I thought it was for the wine," I said. Not entirely sure he'd understand what I was getting at.

But he did.

"Oh, no, we have to ask anyone who gives us credit card," he said.

And still I pressed.

"I was kind of hoping it was because you thought I might be 20."

He smiled as he handed me back my card and my receipt and replied -- with a heavy accent and perfect poignancy --

"Oh sure. We can pretend that if you want."


  1. I love to get carded...though it happens less and less these days and when it does happen...I think they are blind! I was at the liquor store with my son who is 22 years old...and they carded me. Not my son! I looked at the guy, and said (as my son was buying his own booze for the weekend), that is my son! Are you blind? He just laughed at me:) Go figure! Love the compliment though:)

    Sorry that yours was for your credit card...maybe next time:)

  2. Hi! Yes I do understand how much it means to be thought of being younger than what you really are.
    I understand especially because it is other way round in my case, ppl think I am older than what I really am *sigh*

    You have a nice blog here :)


  3. Lol. You always have great stories. At least the guy was willing to pretend... ;-)

  4. On my 30th birthday (MANY MANY years ago, unfortunately . . . *sigh*)a friend and I went to a local club - - and the doorman carded me! What a thrill THAT was!

    You should have seen the look on the doorman's face when I leaned over and gave him a great big kiss for that one! :-)

    Ah, those were the days . . .

  5. HAHAHAHA! That's great...

    But oh, does it suck. Good for you for pushing. :)

  6. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


    Yes, I'm twelve.

  7. This happened to me, too. Ibought liquor for a friend's get together--didn't even KNOW how expensive it all was!! Don't frquent ABC stores--althouh it was fascinating to SEE all that stuff!

    Anyway, I was pleased to drag my drivers license out-only to see the sign, as well.

    Heck, I'm 57--I don't look my age, but I sure don't look 20, either. But just for a second--I felt GoooooD!


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