"We'd like to interview you"

I know. You're all like, WHO? Who wants to interview you? Time? CNN? The New Yorker?

No, no. It's way better. Because it's like, underground. Sort of. And they only interview a select number of people, such as the ones they email or the ones who fill out their form.

(See? VERY elite!)

And now I'm supposed to hound people for votes. Or something.

So you can go vote for me and my interview if you'd like, but please don't feel obligated. You pretty much know the story anyway.

And here is the part where I post the image that's going to totally impress you:


  1. You have my vote! (An 'up' vote, of course!)

  2. yay for hearing more from you! WOOT!

  3. You got the blue button? I got the gray one. It's a depressing color but damned if I can figure out how to switch them.

    I liked your interview, kid. It was pretty cool.

  4. Hey, I found you via the Bloginterview.com site. They sent me a request today. I see what you said above about it being "underground". Did you really mind the interview or not? Just asking since it's hard to tell what's happening on their site with all those ads. Thanks in advance. I will be back and I gave you a "thumbs up".

  5. YOU GUYS! YOU ARE SO SWEET! I had no idea you were actually voting for me. Can I buy you a drink? I'm totally serious.

    Crabby, I just picked the blue one because it seemed the most...um...like a neon sign, a la GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS. And that's kinda hot, you know?

    Hi Kris! Move to SF too!

    Egan, wow, you're cute! Hello, and welcome to my blog. The interview is not really so much "underground" as it is not very well known (but "underground" sounds so much better, dontcha think?) and also there isn't so much an "interview" as there is a "form" to "fill out." And yes, anyone can do so. Still, it's fun to feel "interviewed" by the site. It's like a step up from a meme.

    Maybe. :)

  6. Ha, memes. I love memes. You called me cute? My day has been made. Thank you very much. I thought I would ask for your input since you seem bright and all that other good stuff. To me their site looks like it's just trying to draw web hits which doesn't really interest me all that much. That's not why I blog.

    Oh well, enough about me. I am off to learn more about you. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.


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