Anyone who is remotely familiar with me or my family or my childhood knows that:

a. I love to shoot videos, and

b. I should never be allowed to shoot videos

The b. part is because I am a ridiculously bad videographer, who has a tendency to shoot, say, 27.8 hours worth of Footage Of The Hotel ("here are the stairs to the lobby") and forget to film any member of my family doing, really, anything.

Oh, except occassionally I'll think to point the camera at someone and ask if they have anything to say, which they never do.

But to all of this I say OH WELL HAHAHAHAHA because it occurred to me yesterday *poof* just like that, that my camera takes video and also the YouTube is easy to work and WHOA!

So, for your viewing pleasure (ahem) I present to you, IIFs and The Internets, amazingly horribly filmed video footage of NONE OTHER THAN............
..................(if you use lots of ellipses it means it's a drumroll)..........

my CATS!

Oh, lucky day!

Yes. Here we have my cats, who have both made mad rushes to LEAP up to my desk to get treats that are actually just "Craisins." They don't understand. They want to know why the bag sounds so much like treats and yet does not smell like hardened crunchy chicken powder.

The awful sound you hear in the background, by the way, is my radiator going on. I am so used to it that I didn't even realize it was making sounds until I watched the video playback. Even though I have learned the radiator rules, sometimes the thing still likes to clang just to remind me that I have chair rails and hardwood floors.


  1. They are really cute! And persistent in the face of no kitty treats.

  2. You're lucky, K. If it were my cats, they'd be eating the craisins anyway. Just to spite me.

  3. awwwwwwwww, the sweetest gray kitties ever!! on the hunt for treeeeeeeeeeets :-) more more more videos of kittttttttties, please!

  4. That is too funny! And I'm so glad I'm not alone in (ahem - totally NOT) giving in to the cat herding...

    There's a southern saying my mama always said about herding cats... I can't remember it now. Hm.

  5. The herding cats ism is:

    State something difficult to do like "loosing weight during the holidays"

    Then follow it with "is harder than herding cats"

    Put them together...

    "Loosing weight during the holidays is harder than herding cats."

    If you you think herding cats would be easy, watch this video clip..

  6. I just about fell out of my chair laughing when I watched this -- my cat does the EXACT same thing when you open a open a cereal box...


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