At Home With Lunch Sounds

My cats are not a little obsessed with "treats." Sherlock will eat any kind, where Monster will only eat the crunchy kind. Monster wants treats all the time, and will do his best to try and herd you -- violently, if necessary, with jumping and sometimes biting -- to the cabinet wherein they are kept.

I will not admit publicly how well his herding techniques work, nor how many treats he receives a day as a result.

I bring this up only because I recently decided to snack on some dried fruit.

It didn't occur to me how much eating from a bag of these:

sounds like I'm eating from a bag of these:

And YOU try and explain to your cats that they aren't their treats, but are in fact special, mommy treats.


It won't work. And you will then have to transfer your Craisins to another container entirely, or else suffer the puppy-dog kitty-cat eyes* staring up at you, imploringly.

Not that I don't love every second of working out of my apartment, but at least in an office you don't have to spend any part of your day trying to figure out how to NOT let your lunch make cat sounds.

*I would have taken a photo of my cats doing this very thing. I would have also just taken my own photos of the Craisins v. Temptations, but because I am She Of The Vexed Camera Karma, my THIRD digital camera is now behaving with increasing peculiarity and has decided this week not to stay on once turned on. I do not know.


  1. maybe not, but you DO have to worry about a) offending your co-workers with the smelly lunch you heated up in the office microwave or b) keep them from begging for bites of the yummy lunch you just heated up in the microwave.

    i'm just saying.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Healy(and her family) and Sam.
    Everything is going to work out for Charlie, NO DOUBT.
    BTW, I read that post about Healy being different, special or touched. Healy is the 1/5 of 1% of people who see the world as it should be seen. I remember Healy as being able to laugh at herself, like no one else.
    She's beautiful and I'm sure her son is at least as wonderful.
    Take care. (Nate told me about your blog.)

  3. Do your cats try to drink your wine? Riley Face Pussycat Head III, Esq. always tries to drink my wine. Only red though. It's pretty funny, he sticks his paw in the glass, lets the wine soak in quite well, then licks it off his paw.

    And then I have to dump the wine because ew he digs in his own poop.

  4. The solution is simple -- give them Craisins. They beg for treats? Craisins. They beg for your Craisins? More Craisins.

    Unless they learn to like Craisins...

  5. I had a similar thing happen last night. I got a hot cocoa packet out of the pantry and our new cat came running, crying pitifully for a treat. Which I of course broke down and gave him.

  6. kitties are crazy treat hogs. mine love in no particular order, trader joe's chocolate pudding, ice cream, cowgirl creamery cheeses, and licking the lids of yoplait yogurts. I haven't tried craisens yet. Hmm.....
    and yet they won't eat pounce.

  7. My dog can hear shoes. Not shoes walking so much as shoes picked up. "What? Is someone thinking of putting on their shoes? Is Mommy putting Does this mean I'm going for a WALK????" All of which is followed by scream-like barking. It's quite pathetic.

  8. I think this picture sums it up:


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