I'm Alive!

In addition to the craziness of starting a new job last week, a group of my friends had a getaway planned for this weekend. We left Thursday night and I have only just returned to my apartment.

I'm tired, I'm fighting a cold, I'm not especially coherent. But man, did we have a good time.

I had expected to post a few times while away, but there was no viable internet connection. Meaning I was without the internets for almost three full days, and the withdrawl practically killed me.

Wine helped.

Details and pictures to follow.


  1. today the wine guy on NPR told me that the boxed wine industry is in the process of "an explosion of deliciousness."

    thought you'd like to know.

  2. Since you're alive...

    and since you're now going to be blogging full time...

    how about we talk about getting you off blogger and onto a real server with wordpress and all the cool things it can do for you?

    Huh? How about that?

  3. You seem flaky and unreliable about blogging here. For your sake, I hope you'll be able to be more dependable for BlogHer.

  4. anon 5:07 - that's the best sound byte i've ever heard about boxed wine! who cares that it's the *only* sound byte i've ever heard. it still rocks.

    jester - well, i won't be *blogging* full time, i'll just be in and around blogs and bloggers all the time. but i hear you. all in due time...

    anon 6:00 - i am not flaky, i have just been erratic in posting in the last couple months. mostly because i just went through a rather significant life change. if you review the archives, you'll note i've been a rather consistent poster in the two years i've been doing this.

    further, i haven't worked out if, when, or how i'll be blogging for BlogHer (since that's not exactly my job), or how it will effect my posts here.

    regardless, i'm annoyed by your comment mostly because i'm frustrated i haven't been able to blog more.

  5. Kristy--

    Clearly the only fair thing to do is to refund Anonymous's money. In fact, you should pay him double what he has paid you to blog for him. It's only fair.

  6. Yes, not only should you refund anon's money that he's/she's paid for you to blog for him/her (why do I just know it's a he's/him), you could maybe direct him/her towards some "get a life and out of your mommy's basement for dummy's" book that he/she could find useful between blogs.

  7. I just LOVE snarky anonymous comments.

    He should get a refund, the dummies book, and a swift kick in the nads. I'll happily throw in the kick and gift certificate to getalifeandkissmyass.com.

  8. Is it "Throw tomatoes at the poor idiot who won't use HER real name to negatively comment on other people's blog" Day already? That's my favorite holiday!

    Considering the arguement going on over at Jester's blog, I may have to take exception to the idea that only a male could be that moronic.

  9. Sorry that I upset you and, it seems, everyone else. I took your comment, "The point I suppose I'm making is, Hi! Welcome! I'm a regular blog poster again!" to mean that you'd be posting on a more frequent basis. My bad.

  10. Oh, jumping on the anon neg poster - reminds me of posts here a year ago. C'mon carpet baggers, catch up!

  11. Ooo! Score one for Anonymous for the apology that really wasn't an apology. Nicely done.

  12. In my family, we call that a back-handed apology. Not to be confused with the back-handed compliment, which goes something like, "Your hair looks much better today," or "That sweater looks really nice on you. It hides your belly."

  13. Backhanded compliments? How about:

    "You're almost as good as me at posting on your blog"

    Never mind, anon can't use that one.


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