Why I Should Be Left Alone With Neither Your Camera Nor Your Child

Wino Nephew


  1. When I was two, we went to New Orleans and my uncle taught me to raise my juice cup and yell "Cheers!"
    I think the urge to do these sorts of things to your siblings' kids is universal.
    Also, that's a really cute picture. Yay wino nephew!

  2. that is such a cute picture! hehe.

  3. This is one of the very top things on my "mental note" list of things to do with your kid. I think these kinds of pictures will be amazingly useful when he gets to college. He can blow it up and hang it on his wall.

    I for one wish that *I* had such awesome pictures. All my parents ever did was take my picture in crazy pattern cominations (like plaid pants and a striped shirt), but it was the 1970s, so of course it was nothing truly innovative, and I don't think they were even aware of the impact the pictures would have decades later.

    I think every little kid needs a handful of shots:

    - Drinking booze (good job on this one, by the way)
    - Made up as a "Freddy Mercury" leather-daddy (with a moustache that dips down on the sides)
    - Little cop or cowgirl/cowboy doing something really nuts
    - Flipping off the camera with a serious and angry face

    I mean, a dorm room has *4* walls, right????



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