Less Entertaining Than Watching Paint Dry

Updated with details!

Because my paint is already dry!

Yeah. I took this very brief video footage with my camera. It's a quick, dimly lit walk-through of my apartment. With ridiculous commentary.

Hey, at least it's not a post about a mailer!

But my sisters have never seen what my place looks like and they asked. And then I put it up on YouTube and so I dunno. Lame. But here it is.

A couple things to note (as though anything at ALL about this is notable):

1. I was sorting through some laundry before shooting this, and for whatever reason, didn't finish the job. That's what's on my bed. With Sherlock behind it.

2. I stop myself from saying "my TINY livingroom" because I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. But it's not like you can't HEAR that that's what I'm saying, so it's just weird.

3. And speaking of dry paint, you can almost make out the color of my hallway.

4. Also, I sigh very loudly in the kitchen and I don't know why. And that squeaking sound is my Crocs on the fake linoleum floor.

* * * * *

In the meantime, look at all the help with paperwork I'm getting...

* * * * * *

More details than you'd ever, ever want...

1. The unmistakable book jacket of The Joy Of Cooking. My very first copy, in fact, given to me by my cousin Nate this Christmas. Perfect!

2. The pink cutting board Ish got me for Christmas last year. I wrote about it and then had to take the post down because of drama, which (hi, Kirin) I'll be getting into more later.

I should (must) note here that the shelf above the sink was installed by Ish. It took a few tries, holes, plastering, more holes, more plastering, tape, and my getting to use a level, but it looks great now.

3. Knick-knacks. I guess maybe everyone is like this, but I know exactly where every little piece of everything in my apartment came from.

The yellow watering can on the left and the yellow vase in the windowsill were my mom's, from before I was born. The decorative cutting board there in the center was something she picked up in DisneyWorld (from the English shop in Epcot). The tiny little clump of an object directly to the left of the candle-lamp is acutally a small mustard pot; my mom and aunt both purchased one of these when they were in Dijon, France. (Lisa, if you're reading, please tell Aunt Mar I have this!)

The vase was something I picked up in the Italian shop in Epcot on -- yes -- my honeymoon. I believe it is the last remaining piece of anything I own from my honeymoon, short of the Disney vacation video that Dave and I are on. (Now THERE is something I should YouTube!)

The flowers in the vase are fake silk flowers I found in an antique shop. In my former life, I once actually drove up to New Hampshire with my also-youngly-married friend for the sole purpose of spending a weekend antiqueing with my mother. This is the lone remnant.

Finally, the candle-lamp thing. It's red (duh) and beaded. It matches the desk lamp and floor lamp that came in a set from Pottery Barn. I purchased them in September or October of 1997, just before Dave and I would move into our apartment. The lamps are the first pieces of "actual furniture" I ever bought, and they are the only things that started in my parents' house, went to my first apartment in Stamford, CT to my home in Faifield, CT, to my first apartment in San Francisco...then my second and third apartment in SF, and are finally here with me now, in my fourth.


  1. Do you have magnetic poetry on your fridge?

  2. I do! I will post an UPDATE to this one, with all the dirty sayings currently on my fridge...

  3. First of all, cute apartment.

    Second, and more importantly, I thought "we" (aka you) agreed to post more meaningful posts? Do you not have the energy for that yet or are you gettin a little buggy working at home?

  4. kirin, i DID agree to post more better posts. you're right.

    you are also right about getting "buggy" however.

    i just have to find some balance. the apartment posts are helping me get some of my stress out. the bigger stuff will follow, though.

  5. Your apartment is so cute. And it looks very neat and clean. How many square feet is it? It looks big for an SF apartment.

  6. Care to comment on the roll of paper towels on the sink - in the bathroom?

    The shelf was a pain in the ass (not that anyone cares) because it's a lath and plaster wall that you could practically stick your finger through. Like hanging a shelf on paper mache.

  7. cuuuute! and so clean!

    my place.. jeez, what a mess...

  8. You've got to YouTube the Disney thing! You must, you simply must. It's the cat's meow!

  9. emily teeeeeeeeeeeeeee9:56 PM, January 31, 2007

    My favorite thing in the video is the roll of paper towels in the bathroom in the place of tp!

  10. So fun! Thank you or posting that. Looking around other people's houses is the best!

  11. i love how light and airy feeling your apartment is! natural light is a big deal for me. and yeah, i want to know about the roll of paper towels in the bathroom too. do tell!! :)

  12. Uhh... are you aware that the first YT link that comes up after viewing your apartment tour is a video of these halfwits becoming child-internet-porn-bait: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkQRbHLMmts&NR ?

  13. Also - props to Ish, or anyone, who discovers s/he is working with a lathe/plaster wall, a wall with a metal sheet inside of it for no apparent reason, or any other sort of SF/old-building anomaly that renders minor improvements frustrating.


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