Where Did That Week Go?

There just isn't enough time.

January always seems like it's going to be a sucky month, back when you're looking at it from November and December. I always think, Man, after the rush of the holiday season, January is going to be dull and dreary and cold and dark and depressing. I wonder if there'll be anything to do.

But then it IS January and your days are jam-packed with all the stuff you didn't do for two months because you'd "get to it after the holidays."

At least, that's how it is for me.

I get these urges to start all sorts of projects because it's a New Year! New Start! Yay for resolutions! But also I have a backlog of stuff I put off, so anything I do that isn't work involves some sort of tradeoff...

If I read blogs today, I won't have time to write mine.
If I get back to knitting that scarf, I can't also go grocery shopping and make dinner.
If I start working on the novel, I can't read all the news/political websites I'd like.
If I arrange that song for my a cappella group, no writing, reading, or cooking is getting done.

You know how it goes. And when you add the copious dinners/happy hours/visits with friends you haven't seen in too long, there are just not enough hours.

Plus! I have also recently taken on another project -- the best, most awesome project ever: I am helping a friend plan and coordinate her wedding. HOW COOL! This is an actual, paid, professional gig, and I couldn't be more stoked about it.

But this leads me down a very, very dangerous road.

Because last Sunday when I wasn't running any errands, cleaning my apartment, or otherwise writing/reading/knitting/cooking/doing any of the things I promised I would this year, I was attending a wedding fair with miss OneBadSue.

And this is not just dangerous for the obvious reasons, such as the unlimited champagne or the cowering boyfriend at home with the cold sweats ("you're going WHERE?"). No.

Dangerous because I see all these fancy things and get inspired to be MORE CREATIVE and then decide, in addition to a professional wedding planner, that I should totally be a DESIGNER CAKE CHEF.

Yeah. Stay tuned for how THAT ambition turns out. I suspect I'll get to mixing fondants right after I finish this scarf.


  1. I went to a wedding fair last year and was most disappointed that there was NO CHAMPAGNE!!!

  2. Aww! I want to get paid to help people plan weddings... Totally my dream job. SO. MUCH. FUN. And yet... Suprisingly not as bad for my anal retentive control freak nature as I thought it would be.

    Also, SO much fun when it's a friend! Happy champagne drinking!

  3. Designer Cakes!! I watch all the Food Network challenges I can (or Ace of Cakes) that involve those fancy ass cakes...so neat. You should totally do it.

    I would like one cake designed to look like a scarf, please.

  4. If you make me a cake, I'll scarf it down. :D


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